Free iPads for students who show off their pads

Six California Lutheran University students have the chance to win an iPad at the end of the year for keeping their doors open.

Students will receive this prize after two semesters of allowing their dorm to be used as a “showroom.”

Sponsored by the Admissions Budget, the program aims to create a positive example of a dorm room to show off during campus tours.

The showroom program is being added to Presidential Host Tour Guides and Team Hospitality, all of which are meant to illustrate the CLU lifestyle to prospective students and help them get a feel for what their years at the school would be like.

Campus Experience Coordinator Wes Sullivan says that the school is looking for students with genuine excitement and who want to share their stories of why they chose CLU.

They are also looking for dorm rooms that house students with diverse majors, and who are involved in the CLU community through activities like sports or clubs.

If a dorm is selected to be a part of the program, the residents should be prepared to have at least one person in the room two or three times a week for a selected hour, both semesters. They would also have to be willing to answer any questions tour members might have.

If the students participate for the entire academic year, they will be given an Apple or Amazon gift card equivalent to the full cost of an iPad.

“Each semester they will get one freebie, but for every missed day after that they will have $25 taken off of everyone’s gift card,” said Sullivan

Response to the program has been overwhelming. At least 60 rooms have already applied.

“I think that it is a very generous gesture and a big step for the school,” said Madison McElhaney, a senior living in Trinity.

It’s also a great incentive to keep a  room clean.

“I feel like this is a great incentive program for the school to offer. It is not hard to keep your room somewhat clean and presentable so that other students looking at the school can get a feel for what Cal Lu’s dorms have to offer,” said Abby Sturgeon, a junior living in Trinity. “I know I would definitely sign up for the iPad.”

But students won’t have to worry about keeping their dorms too clean.

“We just need to be able to walk through it. We don’t want people to be perfect and we want to show what a lived-in dorm looks like,” said Sullivan.


Britney Zamora
Staff Writer
Published Sept. 26, 2012