Construction Work Continues on Campus


Danielle Bonavito

A work in progress: The exterior of the new Swenson Science Center still has many more months until completion.

Danielle Bonavito, Reporter

Students at California Lutheran University returned from summer break to a campus still fraught with construction. The primary projects on campus are the renovation and expansion of the Math Center in Pearson Library, as well as the new Swenson Science Center.

Ryan Van Ommeren, associate vice president of planning and services at Cal Lutheran, explained there is technically no official date of completion for the construction yet. However, the Swenson Science Center is estimated to be complete in late April 2020.

“Over the last 10-15 years, when the [science] building was already at capacity, then we’ve had tremendous growth. Particularly, on the student research side which we pride ourselves on. It’s really hard to get lab time and lab space, but this will greatly enhance the program,” Van Ommeren said.

The Math Center will have a variety of new features. This includes more space, white-board tables intended to encourage group work, better lighting, and more opportunities for students to utilize the tutors and resources provided by the Math Center.

Mathematics Professor Karrolyne Fogel explained many of the new features of the renovated space.

“It’s over double the space we have now, so we can serve many more students, and we can serve them more comfortably,” Fogel said.

Additionally, the center will now be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide easier access for those with physical disabilities.

There are currently no updates or plans to expand parking on campus.

“Our parking spaces aren’t what people want them to be, but it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money to build more parking space when there are existing spaces already,” Van Ommeren said.