Disc Golf Club: Learn It, Play It, Love It


James Alfaro, Reporter

When California Lutheran University disc golf club started two years ago by alumni Joe Zimmerly and junior, Tim Hillman, they hoped to create a club accessible to everyone on campus who wants to join and that the community is positive, even if a student is just learning to play, according to Junior David Hall.

Hall took over Zimmerly and Hillman’s leadership roles with first-year Grayson Hatter because Zimmerly graduated and Hillman is currently studying abroad.

“There’s no requirements to join the club,” Hall said. “We have tons of discs for people to use if they don’t have their own.”

The disc golf club hosts events every Friday in Kingsmen Park, and at Rabbit Flats Disc Golf Course near Thousand Oaks High School, Hall said. The club usually attracts about a dozen people at their events but they haven’t completely filled out their roster yet, Hall said. Hall said disc golf is similar to golf in which a person tries to get the lowest score by throwing their frisbee into a chain in the least amount of throws.

“Me and David [Hall] work together on a lot of things together because he’s had experience working with other clubs before and showing me the ropes by giving me ideas to bounce off from,” Hatter said.

Hatter said he doesn’t find it hard to be in charge of the club because he enjoys playing disc golf and considers the sport to be a good way to relieve stress.

“David [Hall] was my captain of a summer camp team and he introduced me to disc golf. I also found out that he was my RA [Residence Assistant] when I first walked into Pederson Hall,” Hatter said.

Hatter said he would notice Hall taking out a disc to go play and convinced Hall to take him to play and since then, Hatter has been hooked on the sport. He hopes more people will try the sport and join the club as they’re always recruiting more students to play disc golf.

“We’re trying to see if we can go to tournaments and things like that,” Hall said.

Senior Arthur Carmona said his friends got him to try disc golf and was surprised to hear that people formed a club for it. He signed up for the club this semester.

“I wanted to improve my game and see if my passion for the game developed more. I wasn’t sure if I was going like playing disc golf, but now that I do I wanted to get with a group of people to play it,” Carmona said.

Carmona said he doesn’t go to every event the club holds but finds it entertaining when he does go, as there’s always a different group of people there with different experiences.

“Disc golf is not a hard sport to play but it does take some time and practice to refine the skills and techniques,” Carmona said. “Anyone can pick up the sport no matter how much experience they have throwing a disc.”