Regals down Pomona

The CLU Regals soccer team finished off the Pomona-Pitzer Sagehens in a nail-biting ending. Entering the game the Regals were 12-2 overall and had a perfect record of 8-0 in SCIAC play.

In the 87th minute, a shot from Marya Virgen connected with the back of the net to help the Regals scratch yet another tally to their win column and improve to 9-0 in SCIAC play.  They defeated Pomona 2-1.

“Coming into the game we knew that Pomona was going to give us their best. It was going to be a hard game,” said Virgen. “We struggled to get into a good rhythm (Saturday), but we were able to find a way to win. Our overall effort around the field got us another win.”

Taylor Will was the other contributor with a goal coming in the 25th minute with an assist from Virgen.

“I was just in the right place at the right time for my goal,” said Will. “Marya had a great cross and the defender just mistimed it and put it right in front of me for a one time finish. I was glad that I put one away early in the first half.”

Not all were quite as satisfied with the overall performance over the weekend. But Will was proud of the outcome.

“Yesterday’s game was a little disappointing. We were coming off of our best game of the year against Redlands and I felt like we were finally getting into a consistent rhythm,” said Will.
“I’m extremely proud to say that in those tough situations we could still come out on top over Pomona.”

Almost the entire second half of the game, the Sagehens and Regals were tied at one a piece. “Everyone was stressing out about the fact that we were tied. It was definitely a weight off of everyone’s shoulders”, said Taylor Will.

The team has been working hard on making sure that everyone is on the same page while out on the field together. Chemistry is important when it comes to soccer. The Regals wanted to make sure that they knew what to do and could trust each other out on the field when it came time.

“I feel like we all know how well we can play together at this point, so we trust that whoever gets the ball will do good things with it,” said Will.

“Our chemistry has grown a lot. Especially Kristina Hulse, Taylor Will and myself. We have really been finding each other and have been doing what’s worked for us,” said Virgen after the game. “Being dynamic up top and making the correct runs has allowed us to really get those goals.”

The Regals have four more games until the end of the regular season, which will consist of four more SCIAC competitions.


Nicholas Ballou
Staff Writer
Published Oct. 17, 2012