Thousand Oaks honors the Borderline 12 through acts of kindness

Zeyma Martinez, Reporter

Nov. 7 marked two years since the tragic shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill. In memory of the 12 lives lost and to honor both survivors and first responders, the community of Thousand Oaks created the 12 Acts of Kindness Campaign.

“The 12 Acts of Kindness Campaign is a community-led campaign intended to raise awareness around how simple kindness encourages people to look for moments where they can show kindness,” said Alexandra South, City of Thousand Oaks communications manager.

Although donating money to charity is always encouraged, the campaign website emphasizes that it isn’t necessary–an act of kindness can include anything from checking in on your friends, to calling your mom, or donating your time.

Community members can share their acts of kindness through using the hashtag #12actsofkindness on social media.

The campaign was conceived in virtual meetings amongst both city and county leadership, as well as some of the survivors’ advocates. Community leaders wanted to find a way to mark the anniversary of the Borderline shooting, while still adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. 

“The idea was really for the campaign to not belong to a single entity, but instead, something that the community could collectively own and take part in,” South said.

South said many have already shared their kind acts on Instagram and she speculates that many more are participating.

The 12 Acts of Kindness campaign will run for the remainder of November and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Materials for the campaign, as well as more information, can be found on the City of Thousand Oaks website.