November 25, 2020

This section includes the mention of rape.


Faculty starts visibly diversifying. 

“I would say it started in the early 2000s,” Stockard said. “That’s when there started to be a shift and I even saw a whole department becoming more diverse… than communication is; I’m the only person of color.”

Jan 22: Former student faces trial in alleged rape of Cal Lutheran Student.


Sen. George Mitchell was the guest speaker at the 2001 commencement ceremony. (Contributed – Cal Lutheran Media Relations)

May 13: Sen. George Mitchell speaks at Cal Lutheran commencement.

“George Mitchell, you know he was the… Majority Leader of the Senate, and he helped to broker a peace treaty between Northern Ireland and England,” Kuehnel said. “And so he was quite a prominent figure and he came to a graduation and spoke, and, you know, he was lovely.”


A ‘new center’ is proposed after the dissolution of the Women’s Resource Center.

“Following the dissolution of the Cal Lutheran Women’s Resource Center and the successful implementation of a student-focused 2003-06 Irvine Foundation Campus Diversity Initiative grant of $400,000, faculty affiliated with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and with the Ethnic Studies Program came together to discuss a new Center.”

Feb 5: Dan Reeves, Atlanta Falcon Head Coach, receives the Landry Medal.

April 1:  Freeland begins his Music and the Civil Rights Movement course


Cal Lutheran names John Sladek as the sixth president.

“I mean he thought that being president of the university was like being crowned Emperor, or something,” Kuehnel said. “And he wanted to spend all this money and he did on an inauguration for himself, you know, and everything like that. And, you know, he would call up faculty for things like that to like drive him to the airport, like I said he had a real Emperor complex, you know, and so that really kind of didn’t fit with the whole ethos of Cal Lutheran.”


The Center for Equality and Justice opens.

“[The CEJ and CCEI], they’re from this millennium,” Stockard said. “Especially the CEJ… I think that really made… another home not only for faculty but for students.”


Cal Lutheran replaces Sladek with Chris Kimball, seventh president of Cal Lutheran.

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