4+1 graduate programs at Cal Lutheran grant students a head start on their career paths


Marcos Pino, Reporter

California Lutheran University is offering its students the chance to save up to $6,000 and an entire year while earning a Master’s degree through its 4+1 graduate programs.

The 4+1 program allows undergraduates pursuing a degree in business, public policy or technology to tack on one additional year to their schooling and earn a Master’s degree. By applying for the program as a sophomore or junior, students can begin taking graduate courses during their senior year.

“With current undergraduate tuition, [students] are basically able to take these classes at no additional expense,” Carol Chung, associate director of Graduate Admission, said. “By getting a jump start on taking classes while an undergraduate, they’re saving money while also fast-tracking their graduate program.”

Graduates from the School of Management who do not take this opportunity ultimately pay more for their degree. They also wind up taking longer to enter the job market.

“The 4+1 program is very flexible,” said Alexander Cervelli, a 4+1 MBA graduate from Cal Lutheran and brand licenser for J.D. Power. “The class options the MBA program offers, including weekend and online courses, made it easier to progress in the program even when the work became more demanding.”

In addition to saving time and money, students enrolled in the program can expect to receive more financial aid opportunities from the university.

“We have a graduate academic scholarship that is available and for any of our seniors that are currently in the 4+1 program who are graduating from their undergraduate program, they are eligible to receive an incentive,” Chung said.

An online information session will be held on Feb. 18 at 4 p.m. Reserve a spot to learn more.