Post Super Bowl boredom, here’s what you can do

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the professional sports world as we know it is dead.  NFL is completely done.   March Madness is not here yet.  Spring
Training is close, but only die- hard baseball fans truly enjoy watching spring training games.

The NBA and NHL playoffs are still far off.  Even Arena Football doesn’t start until the end of March.

Your nightly SportsCenter session isn’t as exhilarating as it once was.

With this down time during the sports calendar, we as sports fans need to broaden our horizons.

There are still many ways we can waste our time.

1- Observe the Lakers struggle to make the playoffs: 

Let me start off by stating that I am not a Los Angeles Lakers fan.

Consequently, it has been quite entertaining to watch them be a sub par NBA team.  With all the hype the Lakeshow had going into this season, it’s been pure comedy to witness Lakers fans become uncontrollably emotional.

Personally, I am a fan of putting my focus on Pau Gasol trying (keyword: trying) to be a big man.  I also relish the Lakers’ press conferences. I chuckle at the sight of Dwight Howard whining, Ron Artest promoting his latest rap album (I refuse to call him Metta World Peace), or Kobe Bryant continuing to stress out.

However, I certainly hope these guys pull it together and make playoffs.  I’m afraid for the safety of the greater Los Angeles area if they don’t.

Regardless of the outcome, it will be fun to watch the rest of the season.  I suggest you tune in.

2- Actually watch the NHL and not just the highlights: 

Many people, especially in this area, don’t really give a puck about hockey.

The truth is hockey is pretty sweet.  Let me break it down for you.

These guys are cruising around in ice skates, fully padded, trying to put a little puck into a small goal while lowering shoulders and throwing each other into walls.  Fights among opponents happen on a regular basis. If I did it over again, you can bet I’d play hockey.

The knock on hockey is that it’s tough to watch on television because the puck is small and hard to follow.

Readers, that’s on you for having a small TV.  Hockey, along with every other sport known to man, should be watched on a large LCD flat screen TV.  I wouldn’t even watch “The Bachelor” on a small TV, but I digress.  My point is that hockey is a very fast-paced, action-packed sport that is worth checking out.

3- Go to CLU sporting events and be way too intense:

If you live under a rock and haven’t paid attention, CLU athletics has some great things going on right now.

Our Regals basketball team is looking playoff bound. Men’s basketball is grinding out wins with a pretty savvy duo of starting freshman.  Baseball is opening up this weekend against Whitworth, the No. 5 team in the nation, softball is starting up, and aren’t we good at swimming, too?

My point is that we’re good at sports and home field advantage is vital in college athletics.

There are many ways to make going to these games fun.

For example, heckling the opposing team is an amazing experience.  Find out what their names are, maybe creep via social media to find personal info, and use it as fire power to your chants at games.

In the big scheme of things, you’re helping our squads play better.

I am a firm believer in bringing instruments to games such as drums, trumpets, blow horns, maybe a clarinet if that’s what you’re into.  It doesn’t matter if you’re good at the instrument, just bring it and be annoying.

Other fun ideas could be going painted in purple and gold, streaking across the field of play, or tailgating before the game.  Life’s too short to just observe the game and be quiet.  Have fun with it.  The athletes will appreciate you.  If you ended up getting kicked out of one of these games though, please keep my name out of it.


Nick DeLorenzo
Staff Writer
Published Feb 6, 2013