Cal Lutheran should provide free menstrual products in bathrooms on campus

Emilee Fine, Reporter

Menstruation is a natural part of life, one that can often come unexpectedly. It is important to be prepared, but sometimes that is not possible, leaving people who menstruate in a situation where they have to search to find menstruation products. In my opinion, California Lutheran University should provide free menstruation products for their students in bathrooms.

On Oct. 8 2021, USA Today said that Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 367. This bill required public colleges and secondary schools to distribute free menstrual products on campus. Unfortunately, Assembly Bill 367 does not have the authority to require private institutions to follow it. Just because they are not required to follow it, does not mean they should not. 

PEW said how there is an issue of period poverty which is where some menstruating people can not afford products, and there is a shame that unfortunately comes with it. 

The passing of Assembly Bill 367 will guarantee that all students have access to menstruation products provided in the bathroom and will decrease period poverty.

“I think Assembly Bill 367 is a really smart idea considering half of the population gets a period. I think it should be a basic right to have access to those products,” said junior Sabrina Chapman.

Chapman said it was embarrassing  to search for a pad or a tampon at school, so it would be beneficial if they were always offered in the bathrooms at Cal Lutheran. 

“You cannot even pay for tampons or pads in the bathroom at Cal Lutheran, which I do not agree with, but the fact that there is no option just seems ridiculous,” Chapman said.

I am in agreement with Chapman. I believe providing menstruation products for people who menstruate in the bathroom is the right thing to do. Being at a private university, students are provided with a plethora of resources, and menstruation products in the bathroom should be one of them. 

I am in support of Assembly Bill 367. We should not struggle to find products to use when we get our periods. 

Students should be focused on their academics rather than what happens when they cannot find menstruation products in the bathroom. Our class time should not be compromised by searching for menstruation products. Students who menstruate at Cal Lutheran would be more focused in class if they know there are products offered in the bathroom in case there is a time they randomly  get their period.

The Student Union at Cal Lutheran offers tampons, pads and other reproductive health products.  While offering those items are helpful to students, they are not convenient in a time of desperate need. 

“Why would I even go to the Student Union for a tampon? What if you are in a classroom? Are you going to leave class for 15 minutes to walk to the Student Union to get a pad or tampon if your period comes unexpectedly? No one would do that. Instead it would be nice if tampons and pads were in every women’s bathroom at Cal Lutheran,” Chapman said.

We should not struggle to find products to use when we get our periods at random times. It is important that Cal Lutheran start to provide tampons and pads in the bathrooms on campus, especially since other universities already are following that.