Maci Haddad, SCIAC Athlete of the Week


Photo by Karly Kiefer- Reporter

Maci Haddad is getting ready to serve to her opponent (Photo by Karly Kiefer- Reporter).

Youssef Aldossary, Reporter

Maci Haddad was awarded the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) Athlete of the Week for the second time of her Regal’s volleyball career.

“It is pretty awesome. I was not expecting it. I am really proud of myself. As a team we all have put in a lot of effort and I am just lucky that it shows on my side getting that award,” Haddad said.

Haddad is from Bakersfield, California. She has played for the Bakersfield Volleyball Club. As far as her greatest sports moment is concerned, it was when her club team won silver at nationals. 

In a zoom interview Haddad said that she plays middle blocker for Cal Lutheran’s women’s volleyball team, and she also plays positions such as outside and right side. She chose Cal Lutheran due to the atmosphere of the school and was very much fascinated by the volleyball program of the campus.

Haddad considers Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (CMS) as their top opponents  because the Regals  have been defeated twice by them.

“I would say our biggest competition is CMS. They are like number two in the nation, probably number one. So they are really fun and like a great team to compete with and are very challenging,” Haddad said.

According to Haddad, winning the SCIAC tournament is one of the major goals this season.

“The aim right now is to make the SCIAC tournament and just go on from there and to play together as a team and have lots of fun too,” Haddad said.

Head Coach of the Regals volleyball team Kellee Roesel considers Haddad an incredible young woman.

“I am very proud of Maci Haddad that she has been awarded second time in her career. She is our captain. She means everything to this team,” Roesel said.

Roesel said that Haddad is their best offensive and defensive player. She is the captain and the rock of the team. She means everything to them. She plays a position where a lot of things have to go right to get her the ball but she is an incredible talent for the team and she has proved it every time.

“The goal as a team this season is to keep working hard and trying to improve every day. Stay healthy and keep it up,”Roesel said.

Haddad’s teammate Julia Trento said in an email interview that Haddad is a huge component and asset to their team. Her performance is always top-notch. She is a consistent and talented player.

“Maci is so deserving of the honor of SCIAC Athlete of the Week. I am proud to be her teammate and admire her work ethic and dedication,” Trento said.