Taiwo Ande promoted to new senior associate provost


Photo by Melodie Truchi-Reporter

Taiwo Ande sitting at his desk, ready to take on his new role as senior associate provost.

Melodie Truchi , Reporter

Taiwo Ande, Ph.D, now has a new title for his role on campus, Senior Associate Provost since Dec. 1, 2021. Ande is now overseeing many different departments on campus. Ande’s new title serves as a position that is second to the Provost.

“With the new position, I have so many other responsibilities that fall under my portfolio. Currently I oversee the Office of Education, Effectiveness of Institutional Research, Center for Teaching and Learning, University Library, Digital Learning, Faculty Development, University Galleries, Writing Center, Center for Equity and Justice, and any other roles that are sent to me by the Provost,” Ande said. 

Since Ande oversees a multitude of departments, Ande guides each of them by finding out the specific goals within the department, then offers the right guidance to help move plans forward.

“My role is to help them define their priorities, making sure I provide the support that they need to get through the priorities of the different offices,” Ande said. 

One of the main projects Ande is currently working on is finding a new Library Director for the Pearson Library. Leanne Neilson, provost and vice president of Academic Affairs understands the efforts Ande is putting into developing positive change for the Pearson library.

“The library is now reporting to him and we’ve hired an Interim Library Director Mara Saule. She just started three weeks ago and she’s in a temporary position while we’re searching for a permanent position,” Neilson said.

Saule, who is retired, offered to hold the position until a permanent director is hired. Both Neilson and Ande expect to hire a director for the Pearson Library by fall of 2022. 

Neilson pointed out that the department of Digital Learning is another department Ande has been closely working with. Before the pandemic only a few classes were offered online. During the pandemic Ande worked hard to make all classes be available online.

Jolivette Mecenas, Ph.D, who holds the positions of associate professor and composition coordinator in the English Department, has worked closely with Ande since fall of 2020 for a curriculum review within the Diversity Review Committee. Mecenas said that Ande got feedback on campus in a personal way through in person faculty meetings, but also in a data driven way by conducting surveys to get feedback from a multitude of different voices. 

“What he does is he facilitates the conversation so that everyone has a voice and that everyone feels like their voice is heard,” Mecenas said.

It is important to Ande to hear feedback from everyone, not solely faculty members or students.

“Dr. Ande has a really unique way of bringing together a lot of different people that care about the university. Everyone from alumni to future students to faculty, staff, admins and community members,” Neilson said.

Ande’s unique way of caring about all the voices that represent the university will bring positive change to the campus.

“He really has an amazing gift of bringing together all these different people to undertake this question of our identity as a university,” Mecenas said.