Student Counseling Services offers issue-based groups

CLU Student Counseling Services offers counseling groups for specific issues, in addition to general student counseling.

Staff psychologist Ginny Maril is in charge of Student Counseling Services.

“We’ve offered groups since the inception of counseling,” said Maril.

Maril said the groups can change and evolve, depending on what issues students are facing during the semester.

Student Counseling Services offers a “Matters of Substance” group for those dealing with drugs or alcohol, an LBGTQ group for members who are lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender or questioning, an “Unpacking the Family Baggage” group for anybody dealing with family problems and a “Building Healthy Relationships” group which teaches how to establish relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

Maril says they also offer grievance groups for those coping with loss.

“Groups for substance abuse are great for college students. Of course, drugs aren’t a good thing, but these are the years when people experiment, and I think it’s good that CLU offers help for anybody that might be dealing with that type of problem,” said junior Tim Roberts.

Counseling is free of charge for enrolled students.

On your first visit, you’ll be asked to fill out some information about yourself and then be paired with a counselor. All information is confidential.

Counseling Services also offers help for homesickness. For those who know somebody in the military currently in Afghanistan or Iraq, or who know a loved one who may be in danger, Counseling Services can help them cope.

There’s no need to be a part of any of the groups listed. Students may have a separate issue or question and they’re willing to help with that as well.

Senior Angelica Piantadosi believes this is a great service that CLU offers, and students who feel they could use a little help should take advantage of Student Counseling Services.

The Student Counseling Services website offers answers to questions and provides other forms of help such as outside contacts.

College students face many stressful issues. Student Counseling Services is full of people who want to help them get through these exciting years of their life. Call (805) 493-3727 to get in touch with Student Counseling Services or make an appointment.

They are located at 3222 Luther Avenue.


Brock Funfar
Staff Writer
Published March 6, 2013