Eric Rogers: Dreams of making it to The League

The Cal Lutheran football team’s season may have ended back in December, but one Kingsman didn’t seem to get the memo.

Senior Eric Rogers’ season was only just beginning.

At six foot four inches, 200 pounds, the Duarte, Calif. native etched his name in Kingsmen football history with his outstanding play on the field. Rogers is the Cal Lutheran career record holder in receiving yards (3,461), receiving touchdowns (41), receptions (220) and total scoring (270).

This past season he was nearly impossible to stop on the field as he caught 91 passes for 1,928 yards and 18 touchdowns to set the program’s single-season records for receiving touchdowns, receptions and total scoring (126).

“I definitely didn’t expect to do such an amazing job. Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there,” said Rogers.

Rogers’ attention has shifted from breaking records to breaking into the National Football League. During the past few months, Rogers has been busy preparing for his Pro Day in March.  Making it to the NFL is no easy task. Rogers knows this and has accepted the challenge.

Rogers has been training for his Pro Day with Proactive Sports Performance in Westlake Village. Many NFL stars work out there in the offseason and Rogers hopes to be one of the prominent names linked with the company.

“Six days a week we work on all the combine drills. On top of that, we do lifting to build strength, yoga for core strength and flexibility, massages for recovery, physical therapy to open hip flexors and relieve tight muscles. We also do tire courses where we run hills, flip tires and hit them with a sledge hammer,” said Rogers.

This is a busy schedule for a guy who is also a student taking 18 units this semester and working 12 hours per week at the Cal Lutheran dining commons.

Besides working out and training, Rogers has taken other necessary steps needed to get to the NFL.

Most professional athletes are represented by a sports agent who handles the business aspect of an athletic career and serves as a facilitator between the sports organization and athlete.

“I do have an agent. I’m with Empire Athletes based in Santa Monica. Two partners named Cameron and Weiss, pretty cool. Both took undergrad at USC,” said Rogers.

Rogers was unable to release any information about the teams that his agents have been in contact with so far leading up to his Pro Day.

“As far as NFL teams contacting me, agents talk to teams. I just train and try to get better. They tell me a few stories about who they talked to, but I try not to buy into that too much. It’s all pretty exciting. I just want a chance, honestly,” said Rogers.

Rogers is a man on a mission, chasing his dreams. A man determined to succeed.

Part two of this series will run in next week’s issue, March 20, and will feature the ins and outs of Eric Rogers’ Pro Day.


Anthony Goodman Jr.
Staff Writer
Published March 13, 2013