Why quality hair helps teams win

Spectators are always looking for the secret to a successful sports team.  When a team goes on a roll, interest increases.  There’s always an “it” factor.

One of the main contributors to a team playing well is hair that is out of the ordinary.  Whether it is growth of the scalp or the face, exceptional hair can help win games.  This may sound odd to some, so let me break it down.

Teams that play well normally play loose.  There’s no pressure, the team is enjoying themselves, they’re focused and they’re playing in the moment.  They believe in themselves and have trust in their teammates.  Oddly, this spark can come from lucky hair growth.

Let’s take a look at my own squad, the Cal Lutheran baseball team.

If you’ve been around my crew, you’ve noticed some interesting hair.  A prime example of this is Jake Peterson.  After bringing to life a sensational beard last November, he decided to continue to grow it throughout the season for good luck.  Needless to say, with it being April now, the beard is out of control.

Mike Vinyard and Nick Boggan opted to grow their hair out before the season started.  Peterson, Vinyard and Boggan have all been key contributors to our success this year.

“I got pretty good [hair] flow and I believe it helps,” said Vinyard.

Some of the members of the CLU baseball team, myself included, took part in “Mustache March,” putting forth a nasty handlebar mustache.  Trevor Koons also grew out a stellar ‘stache.  Our record in March was 14-3.  Is that a coincidence?
There’s also sacrifice that comes with outlandish hair, though.  You don’t always look the most presentable.  I had multiple encounters where I’d walk around campus sporting my handlebars and people wouldn’t recognize me.

Do you think I liked looking like I belonged in a biker bar? Not really. Do you think Koons enjoyed the fact that he probably wouldn’t have been allowed into a Chucky Cheese or within 50 yards of an elementary school?  No chance.

Do you think Jake Peterson likes walking around looking like Abe Lincoln reincarnated? Possibly, but that’s beside the point.

My point is that we grew out our facial hair to look good on the baseball diamond and to win games, regardless of what we had to sacrifice.

CLU baseball is just one example of a successful team with quality hair.  Brian Wilson, the former closer of the San Francisco Giants, has a beard that has endured two World Series rings.

Johnny Damon grew his hair and beard out the year the Boston Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years.
Troy Polamalu and his beautiful locks have won two Super Bowls.

The Tampa Bay Rays went on an unexpected playoff run in 2008 with the help of their self-proclaimed “rayhawk” hair style.
All playoff teams in the NHL work their magic with playoff beards.

So there may have been some luck resulting from quality hair and beards.  However, one of the main things extensive hair growth does for a team is help morale.  It boosts the camaraderie within the team and puts things into perspective.  It helps teammates have fun with one another and takes pressure off of them.


Nick DeLorenzo
Staff Writer
Published April 10, 2013