T.O. bus offers students options

On Nov. 5, the City of Thousand Oaks expanded bus services on Green Route 2 at the request of riders in order to reduce transit times. These changes included adding a new bus stop on Campus Drive, giving CLU students easier access to bus rides to places like the Janss Marketplace and The Oaks Mall.

“I went to the mall over the summer and it took half an hour to get there because we went all the way around town. But now they’ve changed it so it’s a straightaway from Cal Lu down Olsen to The Oaks. It only takes like 15 minutes,” said junior RA Shakivla Todd.

The Green Route includes travel from California Lutheran University to places such as the Brimhall Library, The Oaks Mall, Janss Marketplace and Los Robles Hospital.

Todd held an information session on campus to highlight the benefits of the transit system and potential savings for students. One person attended Todd’s event, a resident who does not have a car. She was amazed by the number of destinations that can be reached by bus.

“From CLU you can get anywhere. You can get to the Janss Marketplace, you can get to The Oaks, you can get to the Civic Arts Plaza, you can even get to The Lakes,” said Todd.

Senior Kirsten Morgan said that she hasn’t made use of the Thousand Oaks transit system because she usually carpools with friends when she needs to get off campus. Morgan said a general lack of knowledge about the availability of bus rides contributed to her hesitance to rely on the bus system for transportation.

“If I knew for a fact that it was reliable, I would definitely ride the bus. But I don’t know that for sure,” said Morgan.

Bus passes may be purchased at the Thousand Oaks Transport Center with a student discount, allowing students to pay $1 per ticket when they buy a pack of 100 tickets.

Senior Holly Sutton said that because it is difficult to purchase a bus pass with a student discount, she does not use the transit system regularly. Sutton would prefer to be able to purchase a pass on campus.

Thousand Oaks Transit Operations Manager James Gallagher said that due to the U.S. Senate budget sequester, funding for additional routes, stops and programs for the bus system has been brought to a halt. He also said that small demand for the bus system plays a factor in the limited scope of the services.

“It all boils down to dollars and cents. Thousand Oaks is not a heavy-transit service area and most everybody has cars,” said Gallagher.

Todd said one of the things that she has noticed about CLU students is that they don’t like to take the bus.

“I think that even if this bus was going to Northridge, people wouldn’t take it because of the stigma. People are fine taking the train to L.A., but not the bus. What’s the difference?” she asked.


Jonathan Christopher
Staff Writer
Published April 17, 2013