CLUFest multimedia showcase opens in Kwan Fong

CLUFest 2013, the multimedia department’s annual student showcase, kicked off its exhibition, “The Universal Language of Media,” on April 23.

Student-submitted projects will be showcased in the Kwan Fong Gallery in the Soiland Humanities Center through May 18. A free reception will be held on Sunday, April 28 at 6 p.m. for students to present their work.

The gallery is open to the public on weekdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

CLUFest has been an annual event for about 10 years, according to Tim Hengst, director of the multimedia program.

This year’s event features projection media, videos, 3-D graphics, music, graphic designs and other projects from student portfolios.

“It is a good community exhibition that showcases the work that students have done to the university and visitors,” said Hengst.

Although the majority of submissions come from the multimedia department, all students can submit work.

“We want to be able to show the best multimedia we have,” said senior multimedia major Carly Boulier, who submitted graphic art and commercial designs. “It is emerging as one of the most fast-growing industries.”

Each year, the multimedia majors’ capstone class plans and implements CLUFest.

The students filter through submissions to decide which pieces to display, as well as organize, set up and promote the event.

Claire McDonald, creative director for the exhibition, came up with the theme, which, according to Hengst, demonstrates global, nonverbal communication.

“[The world] is very diverse, but we all speak the same language, which is multimedia,” said McDonald.

McDonald’s print work will also be displayed at the exhibition.

“My life influences my work very much—my lifestyle,” she said.

Erica Whitley, senior multimedia major and project manager for the exhibition, also draws inspiration from her busy life. She will have print work with an emphasis on graphic design on display.

“Universal language is, basically, everyone knows how to communicate, but not all in the same language,” said Whitley.

“Multimedia is readable by everyone.”

A lot of people don’t understand the difficulty of multimedia, according to Whitley. This event is a way for people to see the complexity of the students’ work.

Jacob Garcia, senior multimedia and music production major, is a project manager and marketing coordinator for the exhibition. His display includes graphic design work and a music video, starring CLU senior Kirby Ai, on display.

“I feel like, this year, CLUFest is taking a new route with technology,” said Garcia.

Garcia used social media to promote the event. Posters are on display throughout campus, and students who post a picture with the poster to Instagram have an opportunity to win a prize. The contest runs from April 24 through May 8.

To find out more information, visit CLUFest 2013 on Facebook and Instagram, or contact Tim Hengst at [email protected].


Ashley Adelman
Staff Writer
Published April 24, 2013