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    ‘Conversations with…’ Harold Perrineau

    Remember Mercutio in “Romeo + Juliet”? What about the father from “LOST”?

    On Oct. 25 from 7:30-8:30 p.m., California Lutheran University will host “Conversations with…”, featuring actor Harold Perrineau.

    Students will have the chance to meet a man who established his career as an actor in Hollywood.

    Perrineau will be speaking with Markus Flanagan, actor and professor of the theatre arts department.

    The topics discussed will vary from how to be successful as an actor to techniques on acting. This will give any aspiring actors an opportunity to speak with an actor who was once in their position.

    “Our department is excited that Mr. Perrineau can take time (as he is here on his own time and is not being paid to be here or take part in this) to come and give some inside tips about the industry,” said senior theatre arts departmental assistant Ashton Williams.

    Perrineau, who grew up in Brooklyn, studied theater and music at the Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia. He discovered a passion for acting and began to pursue the stage, starring in the opening of “Fame: The Musical.” It was only later that Perrineau found an interest in television.

    “I like how we have someone who is established enough, but is still continuing to work on future goals. He has more goals ahead of him,” junior Will Cowles-Meyer said. “I hope to eventually come to the level of success that Perrineau has reached.”

    Perrineau’s credits include roles in “The Cosby Show” and “CSI,”  later landing larger roles, such as Jack in “Zero Dark Thirty” and Michael Dawson on the hit television series “LOST.”

    “Having Perrineau speak to students offers a perspective which makes an aspiring actor’s goals seem more accessible,” said Cowles-Meyer. ”I’d like to reach the point where someone thinks they can seek advice from me and have it be beneficial.”

    Flanagan’s reputation as an acting instructor has landed him other successful television actors for the “Conversations with…” series. Each series has allowed for an open discussion on acting in which the audience members are offered a glimpse into the world of professional acting.

    “Harold [Perrineau] and Markus [Flanagan] will talk back and forth with one another for approximately an hour and a half and afterwards,” Williams said. “Markus will open up the floor to anyone who has questions.”

    Theater majors will gain insight with this VIP-like treatment after the show. This gives students a chance to ask Perrineau whatever questions they may have about acting, whether it’s about casting, acting technique or script reading.

    Perrineau’s work has led him to becoming an established actor who can serve as a success story to many theater majors who wish to pursue the arts.
    With an unemployment rate of 11 percent according to Yahoo! Education, job prospects for theater majors may seem sparse. However, Perrineau’s success serves as a hopeful reminder to aspiring performers.

    Every success story begins with action. Going to “Conversations with…” can offer a rich perspective on the acting industry that can benefit those who may need a personal story to keep their flame going. Perrineau’s story is a positive example  of commitment and diversity for one’s craft.


    Berlin Galvan
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 23, 2013