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    Alcohol Awareness week promotes safety during Halloween

    During the week leading up to Halloween, many college students are preparing for a fun weekend with costumes and most likely alcohol.  Because California Lutheran University is a dry campus, Wellness Programs has created a week’s worth of events dedicated to alcohol education.

    This year, Wellness Programs decided to move Alcohol Awareness week to the week before Halloween.

    “We decided to move the date because of the high-risk behavior among college students that occurs around this holiday,” said sophomore Dylan King, a Wellness Center intern.

    “Our goal was for students to take what they learn and implement it into their social lives.  We don’t want to totally discourage drinking, but we want to encourage and foster responsible drinking habits,” King said.

    Students are encouraged to participate and learn from the activities offered throughout the week.

    On October 29during “Don’t Die Drunk”, 1,000 red solo cups are placed on planter boxes throughout campus.  Each cup represents two college students that die every year from alcohol related incidents. “The purpose of this display was to provide students at CLU with a powerful images that correlates with unsettling statistics,” King said.

    On the same night, the Red Watch Band goes through a training program.  “The Red Watch Program teaches the signs of alcohol poisoning in case of an emergency,” said junior Ethan Flyer, a member of the Red Watch Band.

    “The program also offers CPR training which is helpful because students need to be aware of how to treat someone if they are unconscious,” Flyer said.  According to the Red Watch Campaign, 599,000 college students are injured each year under the influence of alcohol.

    “Liqu – or Treat” on October 30 is a tabling event that informs students about the calories found in alcohol.  “Many people think that candy is the only thing that will get them this Halloween season, but alcohol can be just as dangerous,” King said.

    Students are encouraged by the Wellness Center to understand how serious alcohol poisoning can be. “There is something to learn at each event,” King said.

    If Students need to talk to someone about an alcohol related issue they are encouraged to call counseling services at (805) 493-3727.

    Students can also contact Alcoholics Anonymous at (805) 495-1111 if they do not feel comfortable using on-campus resources.

    In addition, the Wellness Center is always available for questions students may have.  They can be reached at (805) 493-3197.


    Zachary Kaija
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 30, 2013