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Volcano erupts in Indonesia
Approximately 15 people were killed and three were injured when Mount Sinabung in Indonesia erupted on Feb. 1, according to CNN. Last month 22,000 people living near the volcano were evacuated and taken into temporary camps due to increasing volcanic activity. More than half of these people were allowed to return home on Jan. 31, just a day before the volcano erupted. The victims of the eruption lived within a three kilometer radius of the volcano, which is why the Indonesian government has now issued an alert and asked everyone to remain at least five kilometers away from the volcano.
Snowstorm causes traffic
Many drivers were stuck on roads overnight and others abandoned their cars and walked home as a result of the snow and ice storms on Jan. 29 in Atlanta, Ga. According to the Los Angeles Times, some drivers were stranded on the road, as accidents caused traffic to come to a complete halt, while others ran out of gas or their battery died as they waited for traffic to start moving. The halted traffic also affected families, as parents could not get to their children and several children had to stay at their school overnight.

Knox’s sentence upheld
Amanda Knox who was accused, convicted and then acquitted of the murder of her Italian roommate continues to fight to stay out of prison, according to the New York Times. On Jan. 30 the Italian appeals court “upheld her 2009 conviction for the murder two years earlier of Meredith Kercher,” according to the New York Times. The court has now sentenced her to 28 and a half years in prison.  Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, at the time of the murder, can appeal in 90 days and then the case will go to the highest court to be reviewed once again.

Eating fad gets views in S. Korea
South Korea’s newest fad is known as mulk-bang, which translates to ‘eating rooms.’ These are online channels that live-stream people eating, according to CNN. Diva, 33, makes up to $9,300 a month from her broadcasts. Several thousand people tune in every evening to watch Diva eat up to four large pizzas in one sitting. After eating she spends two to four hours chatting with her viewers, which make her broadcasts approximately six hours long. The social networking site Afreeca TV, which hosts Diva’s channel, is only available in South Korea at the moment, but it plans to expand to other countries in the near future.

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies at 46
“Moneyball” star Philip Seymour Hoffman died on February 2 at age 46.  According to the Los Angeles Times, he was discovered in his New York apartment with a hypodermic needle in his forearm.  Authorities reported that 50 bags of heroin were also found in his apartment, along with a charred spoon and approximately 80 prescription drugs.  Many celebrities tweeted their condolences to the Oscar winner’s family.  English comedian Russell Brand tweeted, “Love and prayers for Philip Seymour Hoffman’s family. Addiction kills, I hope all who need it have access to abstinence based recovery.”

Mayra Ruiz
Staff Writer
Published Feb. 5, 2014