George Zimmerman: seeking amends or additional publicity?

“God is the only judge that I have to answer to,” said George Zimmerman during an interview on CNN. Zimmerman is most known for the case that makes him now look over his shoulder everywhere that he goes: the death of Trayvon Martin.

In 2013, he went through trial and was found not guilty for the death of 17-year-old Martin. In a recent interview on CNN, Zimmerman discussed his life after the trial; but, why should we care what his life is like now?

“I think it is right to publicize his actions and statements, he is acquitted and free to act, but so also the press and media are free to chronicle his actions.  If he doesn’t want to be noticed, he might consider shutting up and not doing anything, which would garner undue attention. And while God might be the ultimate judge in the long run, as John Maynard Keynes noted, we all live in the short run,” said Herbert Gooch, who has a doctorate in political science.

Zimmerman has a reputation of violent acts and he should not become famous for violence. When I was in grade school, it seemed like the troubled kids always got the most attention from the teachers. This was not fair to me, so how is it fair to Martin’s family that Zimmerman gets all the attention?

Our world is so fixated on the dramatic heartbreaking moments that we forget to reward the positive behaviors of others rather than the negative behaviors.

Zimmerman got back into the news headlines when he decided to join a celebrity boxing match against rapper DMX.

This was a charity event that then turned into him being accused of more racial propaganda. However, the promoter for this event recently cancelled the fight, according to CNN.

Even though Zimmerman was found not guilty and can no longer be charged for the murder of Martin, I think any fame directed in his favor is out of the question. His actions still don’t make him right.

“The media portrays what they know people are passionate about and that will sell articles. We don’t want to forget what happened to Martin, but what’s done is done and was acquitted. There is not much we can do about Zimmerman now,” said Ryanna Morua, a junior criminal justice major.

Why should we care if Zimmerman is making $100,000 for a painting that he made? He decided to pull the trigger whether in self-defense or for racial reasons. He should be laying low and paying his respects to the life he chose to take last year.

“I realize that they don’t know me. They know who I was portrayed to be,” Zimmerman said in his interview.

If Zimmerman was smart, he would not get into boxing matches or try to gain fame through interviews, he would just lay low.

The one point that I find wrong about the recent publicity is that Zimmerman gets to live his life a free man, but Martin lost his life. It is not fair that Zimmerman can do as he pleases and get so much money. Every time that Zimmerman does an interview, he is getting paid for it and for what?

“I think that Zimmerman should be hiding in the shadows and not exploiting himself on CNN because people are still extremely angry about the death of Martin,” said junior Jennifer Johnston.

We must all live with the decisions we make and Zimmerman has to live with the fact that he stopped a beating heart. We should stop giving him the attention and focus on the people that are trying to make a change in this world for the better.


Erin Chisolm
Staff Writer
Published Feb. 26, 2014