Student leaders recognized

April 25 marks the 1st Annual Leadership Awards sponsored by Student Life at California Lutheran University.

Jaime Faucher, coordinator for transitional and leadership development, is responsible for the initial idea of having a university-wide awards ceremony at CLU after experiencing similar events honoring leaders at other university campuses she has worked at.

There are 14 different categories for leadership awards. They range from “International Student Leader” to “Peer Advisor of the Year.”

Nominations are now through March 26. Afterwards, each nomination will be reviewed by a committee who will pick a winner.

“A committee has been established to review all nominations. The committee will use a rubric for each award description in evaluating each nomination to determine the final winner. Essentially, we are looking for thoughtful responses within the nomination and nominees who fit the award criteria” Faucher said.

Andrea Treptow, assistant director of Student Life, thinks the awards will allow people’s special talents to be appreciated.

“It is essential for the CLU community to nominate those students whom they feel meet the criteria of each award.  We know CLU has exceptional students with a variety of talents,” Treptow said.

Faucher is excited to celebrate the importance of leadership at CLU.

“Within the mission of California Lutheran University, it states that the university aims to educate leaders for a global society…

Therefore, although positional leadership roles are commonly used to facilitate leadership, it is the process of coming together as people with various backgrounds, skills and experiences that is valuable to student life on campus,” Faucher said.

Junior Cheyann Wittmann is a supporter of the nominees being peer selected.

“The people being nominated show exceptional leadership and the fact that they are peer nominated gives students an opportunity to show their support and faith in CLU’s young leaders” Wittmann said.

Nominees and nominators will be invited to attend the banquet. The evening will consist of beverages and desserts. Each award will be presented individually and various campus department achievements will also be celebrated throughout the ceremony.


Kylie McLogan
Staff Writer
Published March 12, 2014