Kick, push, coast

Every time you walk to class or grab a bite to eat around campus, you are bound to see a skateboarder zoom past you. Skateboarding, especially in Southern California is hugely popular. Many see it as a more enjoyable alternative to walking. But, many also find it to be practical as well as fun. Not only do these skateboarders save time,  but they also find their boards to be more lightweight and much easier to carry than a bike or even a scooter.

California Lutheran University’s  student government has taken notice of the popularity of skateboards. A bill was recently passed to get two skateboard racks on campus for students to store their skateboards. ASCLUG senior senator Joette Carini thinks they will be widely used.

“I see a big skateboard culture on campus,” Carini said. “I am also a presidential host and I see people skateboarding all the time.  One of the questions I get asked most by parents is does my son/daughter need a bike or a skateboard. I tell them no because the campus is so small, but they are more than welcome if they want to have one.”

Freshmen Jake Derksen and Luke Johnson can often be seen skateboarding around campus as they go from their residence halls to classes or to the gym. They both skateboarded a little in high school but found that when they came to CLU, they started using their boards a lot more.

“It’s mainly to get around because we don’t have a car,” Derksen said.

Johnson also finds skateboarding to be convenient and fun.

“I find just to get to the gym, it’s real easy to skateboard there. But we also have fun going out at nights and skateboarding if we just want to get out of our dorms.” Johnson said.

Senior Mike Gooch has been skateboarding all four years he has been on campus.

When asked if he would use the skateboard racks, Gooch said, “I personally always have my skateboard with me, I will never leave it anywhere. With that being said, I do think other people will use them.”

Gooch also emphasized the amount of time he saves by using his skateboard.

“Going to and from places on my skateboard saves me so much time to do other things. Over a period of weeks and months, the time I save really adds up just by riding my skateboard,” Gooch said.

Carini said that one of the racks will be located outside the gym and the other will be outside the library. She believes the racks will be installed and ready to use in about five to six weeks.

“Right now, we are working on the outreach that senate purchased the racks. Usually, we will have a plaque that says ASCLUG senate 2013-2014, but we are currently working on that.”

With the amount of skateboarders at CLU, Carini hopes that these skateboard racks will be very popular among students.
“The only caveat is that you have to buy your own lock,” Carini said.

Senate hopes that once installed, the racks should make skaters feel at ease knowing that they can leave their skateboard in a specific location and not have to worry about something happening to it.


Joshua Dwyer
Staff Writer
Published March 12, 2014