Run! There’s color everywhere!

Can you paint with all of the colors of the wind? Well, maybe not. But, you can run with them.

April 26 marks the second annual California Lutheran University Color Dash. Wellness Programs, the host of the event, is promising a great time for all.

“This year, we have a different route that runners will take. We also have a new method of color distribution instead of having it thrown in your face,” said senior Wellness intern Christina Espegren. “We also have enough pigments to last the entire race. I know that it was kind of disappointing last year for people who were at the back end of the race because a lot of the volunteers were overzealous and ran out of colors before everyone finished.”

Color runs have become increasingly popular in recent years.

These events are a mixture of  traditional foot races and the Hindu Holi Festival, where pigments are thrown to symbolize the beginning of spring.

However, consider yourself warned: if you plan on attending, be prepared to get messy.

“Participants will be given a shirt. Most of the color will wash out, but be sure to wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. It’s always fun to wear white because then you get to see all of the colors,” Espegren said.

Junior Martin Flowers enjoyed his experience so much last year that he is waiting in anticipation to participate again.

“It was great to be out there running and have all of these different colors hurled at you. The atmosphere was just so great,” Flowers said. “Everyone, volunteers included, was just out there having a blast. My friends and I had such a great time, so I’m really looking forward to this year’s run.”

Don’t think you have to be a star athlete to participate either. Whether you run cross country or are just trying to have fun, the CLU Color Dash will cater to you. Junior Brigitte Paul, who ran in last year’s dash, assures that anyone can have fun participating.

“I loved being a part of last year’s race because it was the very first of its kind held on campus. The end of the race is the best because you get to throw chalk and it turns into an all-out war,” Paul said. “I loved doing it regardless of the exercise. You don’t have to be super athletic. You can walk it if you want to, but it’s more fun to push yourself and run the whole thing, in my opinion.”

This event is meant to be laid back and enjoyable. Don’t worry about your race time. Instead, concern yourself with the time you are going to spend having a blast with your friends. The race begins at 8 a.m. Lace up your shoes and put on a smile. On your mark, get set, go.


Kylie McLogan
Staff Writer
Published April 23, 2014