60 seconds on the clock

California Lutheran University student life held an event on Sept 27 night for the students that stayed home over the weekend in the Thompson-Pederson Recreation Area called “Minute to Win It.” The event consisted of tasty hot dogs fresh off the grill, music and fun games.

“This event in particular is about keeping people on campus, it’s a campus wide initiative that all halls are doing at different times to keep people from going home or wherever they go on the weekends, to stay here because our campus is really cool. We have really fun people so we want to keep them around,” said Jack McFarland, Senior Resident Assistant at Cal Lutheran.

The title “Minute to Win It” was exactly what it sounds like. You had exactly 60 seconds to complete each game activity. Before the activities you are put into groups of two. Some games consisted of just one player and others were partner activities. The group with the most points at the end of the night won and also received a free Chipotle restaurant gift card.

“We made ours a game show, some people are going to do pep rallies, some people are going to do low key events but we decided to be fun because the freshman have a lot of energy,” said McFarland.

One of the individual games was called Defying Gravity, where the contestant had three balloons in their hand and when the clock started they had to throw the balloons in the air and try to keep each balloon off the ground using only one hand.

Another game was called Junk in the Trunk, and this was where an individual contestant had to tie an empty Kleenex box around their waist filled with five ping pong balls and shake them out as hard as they can in 60 seconds. For a little extra motivation they played “Salt Shaker” by the Ying Yang Twins to give the contestants a little extra motivation.

“I did it in my high school so I just thought it will be fun to do it here, and then with the games that we played I just looked on YouTube and downloaded them,” said Tetteh Canacoo, a junior RA at Cal Lutheran and organizer for the “Minute to Win It” event. “Most of the people who stay on campus over the weekend don’t have anything to do, so we kind of just gave them an opportunity stay on campus and do some fun activities because most of the activities happen on the weekdays.”

At the end of the night team “EATS” came out victorious winning the Chipotle gift card, while team “X” came in second and team “MOB” came in third.

“I had a great time at the Minute to Win It event tonight, it was awesome. My favorite game was when two contestants hit the paper ball back and forth to try and make it into a paper bag. It was great because it was so much teamwork it was great to participate in that one,” said Jhaylyn Hall, senior and contestant for team “MOB.”


Randall Shumpert

Staff Writer

Published October 1, 2014