Cal Lutheran to juggle the world

Juggling the World: Chuco practing drills with the MORE Foundation in Rio during the Brazil World Cup. Photo courtesy of Alex Vicente
Juggling the World: Chuco practing drills with the MORE Foundation in Rio during the Brazil World Cup.
Photo courtesy of Alex Vicente

People from all over the world have different interests, skills and passions, but sometimes even the simplest of things can bring people from all kinds of different backgrounds together. To some, soccer is just another sport but to others it can be an escape from reality.

World Soccer Day is Nov. 16 and the event, Juggle the World Community Soccer Day, is happening at California Lutheran University in honor of World Soccer Day.

The purpose of the event is to connect everyone through soccer and give back to the people in need.

Junior Alex Vicente, creative director and social media director, joined Juggle the World two months ago and said he believes it’s his best way to help the youth and give back to the community.

“I was instantly convinced that this was the right cause. It’s just something that I feel like gave me purpose,” Vicente said. “There are a lot of kids in the inner cities that don’t have the structures and opportunities. They don’t have that positive outlet to put their energy into and that’s why they get involved in drugs and violence, so [Juggle the World] wants to give them that.”

The goal is to help these kids find the right path and even if they have no background in soccer, the sport can potentially change their lives.

“These kids have a lot of potential, energy and desire,” Vicente said. “There was this seven-year-old kid, James, who has never played soccer before and naturally had the right technique and form, but the best part is just being able to see the kids smile.”

A lot of the kids that Juggle the World works with are orphans in inner cities and they are able to bring the sport of soccer to these kids to enhance their lives and give them that positive outlet. The organization has already donated around 5,000 pieces of soccer equipment to kids in Brazil during the World Cup this summer.

The event on campus will bring together kids from Los Angeles County, Oxnard, Palmdale and many other locations to enjoy a few hours of playing the most popular sport in the world.

At the event there will also be six coaches that are donating their time to teach the kids about the sport. Some individuals on the Cal Lutheran soccer team are also volunteering to help out and play as a role model.

Cal Lutheran junior right back Edwardo Soto will be attending and volunteering at the event and is looking forward to making a positive impact on the kids.

“I think it’s a good cause, it’s for the sport as well. When you get people together you might not have a lot of similarities but you do have the love for the sport,” Soto said. “It’s a charity event and it’s more than a sport. We’re helping out the community, helping out the youth and that’s something that is really valuable.”

Other than experienced soccer players and coaches, there will also be The Surfer Taco food truck there serving $1 tacos as well as musical performances from Cal Lutheran student musicians throughout the event from 2 – 6 p.m.

Pierce Hening, who goes by the stage name DJ Piercy Pooh, is one of the many talented student artists that will be performing. Hening is looking forward to helping out and enhancing the event.

“I want to provide a good vibe for the event so I offered my time to be the DJ and play a variety of music,” Hening said. “I’m looking forward to the whole thing, watching the kids play soccer, the music, and just being around great people.”

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on Nov. 7 so people could donate money to help Juggle the World provide soccer equipment for the kids.

To donate, visit You can also check out their Facebook page by searching Juggle the World for more information and videos about what they do to give back.


Ryan Perez

Staff Writer

Published November 12, 2014