Thursday’s a Party at iCLU

California Lutheran University has a new source of entertainment this semester that is being aired every Thursday on from 8-9 p.m. The online radio talk show “Party with Us,” is brought to students from Cal Lutheran seniors Scott Peters and Peter James.

“I’ve been in radio for two years now. I did sports radio and I had a lot of fun with it but the whole time I was doing sports radio I just always knew I wanted to do a variety talk show and I really just wanted to have fun with it,” Peters said. “I’ve known Pete for all four years and I figured he’d be the perfect guy to be on the radio with me, and it has been perfect.”

For James, this is his first taste of the radio business and so far he said it’s everything that he expected.

“Scott talked to me about it and I was on board. It’s pretty practical because I’m a communication major. It’s fun and we have a good time,” James said.

Peters said the topics discussed are problems within Cal Lutheran such as the gym water fountains along with other relevant problems within the university. They also talk about rumors going around campus and try to provide pure entertainment such as comedy and talk show games where students can call in and join.

“I know there aren’t too many listeners outside of the school. This is mainly our demographic so when we talk about issues we want to keep it relevant to them,” Peters said.

Doing this show has become very beneficial to both Peters and James. Peters said it has been teaching them valuable life lessons they can take along with them once they graduate this semester.

“I think anytime you can get in front of a bunch of people and talk and feel comfortable and react under pressure in a live situation, it’s good training for any line of work,” Peters said. “To deliver a quality product takes a lot of work and that’s just good experience for anything we’re going to do later.”

Since the show has been on air this semester, Peters said he feels the ratings for this show surpassed the prior shows he  has hosted.

“I don’t think we have had a lot of listeners. I’ve never felt like we had engagement with people,” Peters said. “The first time when I felt like ‘Wow we have a lot of people listening’ was when we had Tif-Cap [Tiffany Caprine] on. We had nine different people call in and it was people that I would’ve never thought listened to my show. I think that once people listen they would listen again because they like what we’re doing.”

Caprine shared her views about the show and why she was brought on in the first place.

“I was brought on the show as part of a contest. Callers would call in to guess how many Skittles I could fit in my mouth at one time,” Caprine said in an email interview. “I think their show is really good entertainment for Cal Lutheran. They talk about really relatable topics that are very interesting. It’s a great one-hour show.”

In order to keep people calling in to the show and listening to it, they post highlight recordings of each show online and text their contacts to tune in. James said the show also has a twitter page:


“There’s a lot that goes into it and that’s good practice for self-promotion and leadership,” James said.

Both Peters and James want the students at Cal Lutheran to have a great entertainment source for the rest of spring semester and possibly have a positive impact on their audience.

“We’re here to entertain. Thursday night we don’t have a lot going on,” Peters said. “This isn’t a big campus and this isn’t a partying area so Thursdays 8-9 p.m. if you want to have a fun time listen to us. We’ll entertain you.”

Randall Shumpert
Staff Writer
Published March 4th, 2015