Just a Way to Burn Off Some Steam

Thousand Oaks isn’t your typical college town. According to the 2010 census, 44.7 percent of the city’s residences are the age of 45 or older. With such a high population of the city being older adults, you don’t see many neighborhoods occupied by students that throw large house parties every weekend like you see at larger four-year schools. Being such a small city, many students agree there isn’t much to do.

With enrollment at 4,160 students and 2,808 of that being undergrad, California Lutheran University is considered to be a small school. Being a small school, we don’t have many clubs and activities like other schools. For instance, Cal Lutheran does not have a Greek life, nor does it allow alcohol on campus.

“There isn’t much to do during the week in Thousand Oaks since it isn’t really a college town, so a lot of us like to spend our Tuesday nights at Taco Tuesday,” sophomore, Tiffany Caprine said.

Students need a place to be able to escape from all the homework, midterms and restrictions that are on campus. Those searching for nightlife and partying have found a home at Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Lounge’s Taco Tuesday.

Sunset Terrace is located inside the Janns mall. On Tuesdays, the bar has numerous deals on food and alcohol. Deals include three tacos for $3, large draft Dos XX beer for $5, and a bucket of Corona’s or Modelo’s, which includes four bottles for $12. The bar also has a Disc Jockey at every Taco Tuesday for students that want to dance.

“It’s a always a great time. The students need somewhere to be able to go to enjoys themselves that isn’t on campus,” said Sunset Terrace owner, who prefers to simply be called Tyrone.

He later said he loves being able to provide a cheap way of entertainment for the students of Cal Lutheran.

It’s extremely important for students to get out of their dorms and enjoy some nightlife once in awhile. Although events on campus are great, they get old very quickly. There are only so many times student can attend improv night or even a Cal Lutheran sporting event. Taco Tuesday is a perfect way to burn off piled-up stress, especially if you are over the age of 21.

Being 21 or not, students have enjoyed going to Taco Tuesday ever since it began in 2007. Just in recent years Sunset Terrace began letting young adults under the age of 21 attend. Since the rule change, students of all ages have been able to get out and enjoy themselves.

“I’m glad they decide to let us younger kids go, without this there isn’t really anything else to do. At least upperclassmen can go to the bars,” freshman Nick Bottom said, after going to Taco Tuesday for the first time this semester.

Although Sunset Terrace is only one place, it is giving the younger community of Thousand Oaks a taste of the college life. This type of experience is needed. College is the time to enjoy ourselves and meet new people. This type of experience is something you can’t get on campus and inside the dorms. In college you are supposed to grow and mature into the adult that you want to be.

“Going out and making choices for yourself, good or bad, is a part of growing up,” Tyrone said.

Whether or not you seek the nightlife scene, Taco Tuesday is a great way to get out and burn off some steam with your friends.

Connor Sipes
Staff Writer
Published March 4th, 2015