Edible #TBT

Throwback Thursdays are a little more delicious at the Camarillo Ranch. On the last Thursday of every month the Camarillo Ranch Foundation hosts their #TBT Food Truck Fest which transforms the historical site into a food and entertainment festival for all ages.

There are around eight to 16 food trucks that surround the front lawn of the historical Camarillo House with live entertainment, wine, beer and more. The food trucks range in flavors and style from Scratch to Belly Bombz, and from the Grilled Cheese Truck to Baskin- Robbins.

People of all ages were able to enjoy what the Food Truck Fest had to offer. On Oct. 29, the Camarillo Ranch put a spin on their traditional #TBT event. A Halloween-themed “Spooktacular” Food Truck event allowed for costumes and a showing of the film “Hotel Transylvania” in their red barn.

Andrew Palmer, of the Sweet Arleen’s truck, was experiencing Food Truck Fest for the first time and was impressed by what he saw.

“I think it’s really important to the community to have things like this. You don’t see a lot of this anymore and it’s really refreshing,” Palmer said. 

However, it wasn’t just the food trucks having a good time. Cal Lutheran senior and psychology major Kirsten Hagen, was there with friends and said she enjoyed what the event had to offer.

“My roommate is the coordinator so I was excited to come with her, but I’m also having a ton of fun now that I’m here. The Grilled Cheese Truck is always a highlight for me,” Hagen said.

Hagen said that she encourages students to come not only for the experience, but because it’s in a college student’s budget.

“You don’t have to pay to get in and the food is awesome. I’ve had a blast,” Hagen said.

The event was also family-friendly. Camarillo resident Kiki Hiji was in attendance with her family and has made the Food Truck Fest a tradition her kids get excited for.

“I really enjoy it because it’s a family outing. Every time we come we try a couple of different ones. They’re all delicious. We even used one of the trucks [Belly Bombz] to cater my daughter’s 21st birthday,” Hiji said.

The #TBT Food Truck Fest is described as an all around delicious and fun experience, but it’s also for a good local cause.

Amanda Westervelt is the marketing director for the Camarillo Ranch Foundation, and is also a senior Cal Lutheran Marketing major.

“What a lot of people don’t know is the Camarillo Ranch Foundation is an entirely not-for-profit event. Fifteen  to 20 percent of what the food trucks charge goes to the ranch. The ranch is then able to put on more events to benefit the community because of this,” Westervelt said.

She also said because she works for a non-profit, it’s a positive environment to work in.

“I feel like I have a purpose working here, unlike corporate America, you’re really giving back and that’s great,” Westervelt said.

Marissa Lopez, chief operating officer of the Camarillo Ranch Foundation, said that being a part of the community is very important to them.

“At the Camarillo Ranch Foundation we try to host as many community events as possible,” Lopez said.

Lopez said when creating the event, they had the community in mind.

“The board and staff got to brainstorming and they thought this would be a fun and easy way to connect with the community. It’s no cost to attend with low- cost food so it’s a great place for people to come and meet and have fun,” Lopez said.

Westervelt said that Cal Lutheran students should take an opportunity to see the event.

“Students should come because one, it’s free and two, it’s important for Cal Lutheran students to give back to the community. Because these businesses are local and your support will keep them local,” Westervelt said.

The event on Oct. 29 was the last #TBT Food Truck Fest event for this calendar year. The next event will be on the last Thursday of January. For more information visit camarilloranch.org.

Mary Callaway
Senior Writer
Published November 4th, 2015