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    Ventura gang members attack rival gang

    Ventura County Star reported rival gang members entered an altercation at Rancho Simi Community Park Saturday Feb. 27 leaving two injured.

    Simi Valley police said four armed gang members approached two suspected rival gang members. The two rivals were stabbed.

    Police said Tristen Krieger, 19, was taken to a hospital with life threatening injuries after being hit in the head with a skateboard. The other injured was reported in stable condition.

    Authorities said the vehicle of the four attackers was found by Simi Valleyโ€™s police gang unit. Police said one attacker was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and committing a crime to benefit a gang. Police are still searching for the remaining three attackers.


    Three protesters stabbed at KKK rally

    According to CNN, Ku Klux Klan held a rally on in Anaheim Saturday Feb. 27 and were interrupted by violent counter-protesters leaving five injured.

    Sergeant Daron Wyatt said the counter-protesters attacked right when KKK arrived.

    CNN reported three counter-protesters were stabbed, one in critical condition and two in stable condition.

    CNN reported police witnessing the violent acts of KKK members being stomped.

    The police department recognized these planned rallies have previously happened in the Orange County area and although the messages from the KKK are controversial, their actions are protected by the First Amendment.

    Wyatt told CNN the district attorneyโ€™s office will decide if any charges will be filed.


    36 killed in Russia due to methane gas leak

    According to CNN and a news agency in RIA Novosti, a total of 36 people have been killed in explosions in a mine in Russia.

    The disaster began Feb. 25 when authorities believe two explosions occurred from leaked methane gas. During that explosion CNN reported 81 miners managed to escape but four miners were killed and 26 were left trapped.

    CNN reported on Feb. 25 another explosion occurred when rescue teams attempted to reach the trapped miners. The explosion killed five rescue workers and a miner.

    Russiaโ€™s Emergency Situation Minister Vladimir Puchkov told reporters the explosion occurred where the miners were stuck and they have no chance of survival due to the part of the mine they are trapped in.


    Kansas man kills threeย  fellow employees

    ABC news reported three killed and 14 wounded in a Kansas shooting at three locations.

    Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said the shooter, Cedric Larry Ford, was killed by police.

    Police said Ford shot rapidly in two locations before going to his workplace, Excel Industries, where he killed three people. Five people were left in critical condition, one was left undergoing surgery and eight were left in stable condition.

    ABC reported Ford was killed in a gun battle by an officer who took on shots from Ford before killing him.

    ABC reported that investigators are unsure of Fordโ€™s motive but Watson said Ford may have been triggered by something specific.


    Police respond too late to a domestic call

    CNN reported 28-year-old Ashley Guindon was killed Saturday Feb. 27 after being shot during a domestic call.

    Guindon was sworn into the Prince William County Police Department Feb. 26, according to County Police Chief Steve Hudson.

    CNN reported two other officers were injured in the altercation, officer David McKeown and Jesse Hempen. The three officers responded to a domestic call in Woodbridge, Virginia.

    CNN reported Ronald Williams Hamilton shot at the officers as they arrived at his home. Hamilton eventually surrendered to backup officers according to Hudson.

    Hudson said Hamiltonโ€™s wife was found dead inside the home. The coupleโ€™s 11-year-old son left the home before the shooting occurred.


    Megan Blackburn
    Staff Writer
    Published March 2nd, 2016