Let’s play Noonball

It’s time to play some basketball. March 9 marked the first day of “Noonball”, a pick-up basketball league on campus for commuters, faculty and staff.

“We’re going to keep it simple. We are going to supply the balls and have some rules in case there are any disputes. But really it’s just going to be come out and play,” Brett Billet, coordinator of intramurals, recreational sports and the fitness center said.

The idea came from Billet who had run something like this in the past.

“I had experience in previous institutions running a little lunch time athletic league mainly for faculty and staff. I noticed we didn’t have one on this campus and there wasn’t a lot of time for people to play basketball in the gym if they aren’t residential students,” Billet said. “During the day when commuter students or faculty or commuters could play, we didn’t have anything set up, so that’s where I got the idea.”

The group in charge of developing the program looked at how to market this program to their target audience.

“With our target being faculty, staff, graduate and professional students and commuters, we decided on just using small scale word of mouth. We will send some emails out but the rest we will leave up the people that come,” Billet said.

The league runs from 12 – 2 p.m., a time that Billet feels fits with a commuter schedule. He said the time is most convenient for those who don’t live on campus, have a lunch break or have to go home at night to their families.

“I hate leaving campus in between classes because it’s a waste of gas and finding parking is always an issue, so I was excited to hear about something like this going on,” junior commuter student Adam Lee said. “I usually use that time to work out in the gym anyway, so having the option to get a work out, play basketball and hang out with friends is great.”

“My life as a commuter can make it hard to meet people, so when I got the email about Noonball I thought it would be something fun to try,” freshman Nikole Prelooker said.

The first Wednesday had two commuters and four staff members.

“We played some really fun games of 3- on-3. It seemed like everyone had a good time,” Billet said.

Even with only six people showing up to play, Billet said he still has high hopes for the program in the future.

“My hope is that there will be a dedicated group of people that come every week, that make fun of each other every week, that talk about it at work that go home and tell their friends how great they did at Noonball,” Billet said. “I want it to be something that brings the campus a little closer while participating in a healthy activity.”

Billet said he has plans for future leagues as well. He said he’d love to start soccer to appeal to different populations and different interests once he gets this one started and going.

Noonball takes place every Wednesday from 12 – 2 p.m. in the Soiland Gym.

Coral Hasley
Staff Writer
Published March 16th, 2016