Student Life awards standout Kingsmen and Regals at CLU

On April 13 the California Lutheran University Leadership Awards were hosted in Lundring Hall at 7 p.m.

The award ceremony consisted of 16 different awards created by Student Life and each award had its own special requirements.

This was the third Annual Leadership Awards that Student Life has hosted and the reasoning for the awards was to showcase the Cal Lutheran students, faculty and staff that have made an impact in the community in a variety of ways.

The top nominees for the awards as well as the person who nominated them were invited to the banquet.

The period in which people could be nominated for the awards was from Feb. 22 – March 8 and anyone could be nominated for any of the awards by anyone. It did not need to be anyone in particular.

However, in order to win an award, the committee decides who is deserving of the award. The committee members are different each year according to Assistant Director of Student Life Andrea Treptow in an email interview, but include undergraduate students, a graduate student, faculty member and a staff member.

Each of the winners received an award with their name and title of the award. All of the nominees for the awards received a certificate and a pin.

According to Treptow, the Kingsmen and Regals Award is accredited to someone who “exhibits extraordinary school spirit, encourages student participation in activities and athletic events, and/or provides students with knowledge of Cal Lutheran’s Heritage, traditions and history.”

The winner of this award was Lauren Chrislu and she received this honor through being “involved on campus and at least attempting to impact whatever I can for the better.”

Chrislu said she believes that she received the award for being a happy person that motivates others to share in her good spirits.

“You don’t have to be the best at something to brighten another person’s day,” Chrislu said.

For other winners such as Andres Elvira, this award was a special moment of recognition.

“It felt great to be appreciated for all of the work and every extracurricular activities that I do for Cal Lutheran,” Elvira said.

The nominations for the Leadership Awards will be available again early next spring semester and anyone is able to nominate anyone for any variety of the awards.

Alec Sprague
Staff Writer
Published May 4th, 2016