Classes In Summer

If it wasn’t for summer school, there is no way I would be able to graduate on time without dropping any of my studies.

For me, summer classes are an excellent way to keep myself on track and keep my mind busy. My plan for this summer is to get 19 credits out of the way both here and at Moorpark College.

Jennifer Ellsworth, a California Lutheran University professor who specializes in clinical exercise science, has been teaching summer sessions for the past six years and sees multiple benefits from it.

“[For sciences], students get more time in lab with more assistance from the instructor with less in-class distraction,” Ellsworth said

Most summer sessions are only four or eight weeks long. Sure, classes are extensive, but in a little over a month, a course is completed and there is still time left to enjoy summer.

The Summer at CLU webpage states that “the summer rate is more than 50% off the regular semester rate,” at only $595 per credit. With a maximum of 12 credits, the summer tuition only goes up to $7,140.

That’s compared to the normal school year, where 12 to 18 credits costs $40,880.

Not only is summer school relatively cheaper in tuition, but if one wants to live on campus, the price of housing goes down too, starting at a rate of $110 per week.

Besides the reduced amount of time, most schools limit the amount of credits you can take, allowing you to focus more on what you decide to take.

USA Today makes the point that this “can be especially useful if you hope to ace a notoriously difficult course.”

In planning ahead to take that course over the summer (if it is available), students can take that heavy course out of their full fall or spring schedule, when the rest of their academic load is also on their mind.

Summer classes are not always for everyone. There is a smaller selection of classes, and with the intense course times it can be hard not to burn out.

Financial aid or work study do not always help with the cost. But if these are able to be worked through, summer sessions can be a great option.   Consider a summer session to see if it may be helpful for you.

Emily Graybill
Staff Writer