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PlayStation 4 just can’t compete with XBox

March 6, 2013

It is easy to see how much technology has developed over the years, especially when it comes to gaming technology. So what is next in the world of gaming? On Feb. 20, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., announced, during a worldwide...

Students and university donors answer to each other

February 27, 2013

You’re walking down the stone steps toward Memorial Parkway and you step over a poster announcing that it’s Philanthropy Phriday and that you should donate to the CLU Annual Fund. You walk past the giant square of dirt that...

Dorner’s CLU connection hits home

February 27, 2013

The reign of terror may finally be over, but the effects of Christopher Dorner’s alleged killing spree will continue to haunt people. “It’s just sad when you see these things happen,” said John Barrow, a student at...

Senate has money left for semester

February 27, 2013

Despite fears that there would be a shortage of money for Senate budgets this year, ASCLU-G has money left to spend and things seem to be on track for the semester’s budget. Student fees provide the Senate, Programs Board...

Clayton tackles debate

February 27, 2013

Science and religion are in the midst of a battle, according to Philip Clayton, a veteran theologian who lectured at CLU on Tuesday, Feb. 19. “How do we integrate this world of science with what humans have traditionally...

Coaches debate SCIAC

Coaches debate SCIAC

December 12, 2012

Ex-CLU math student cleans up at World Series of Poker

November 15, 2012

Former CLU math major Jesse Sylvia held his own in a week-long poker tournament that earned him more than $5 million. The World Series of Poker is a no-limit Texas Hold’em game with a buy in of $10,000 on Oct. 31 in Las Vegas. Sylvia...

Obama back in action

November 15, 2012

With President Barack Obama’s win against Mitt Romney, opinions remain divided on how college students will be affected in the future. “I love it,” said senior Felecia Russell, political science major at CLU.  “I was...

CLU students volunteer time for a good cause

November 8, 2012

Many students love animals. They’re sweet, loyal and cuddling them decreases stress. Community Service Center intern Astrid Olivares organized the PAWS For a Cause project to give back to the animals that mean so much to...

Romney wants a chance to fix American economy

October 31, 2012

Election Day is upon us, and the two presidential candidates appear to be locked in a dead heat. A few months ago there was little doubt in my mind that President Obama would stay seated in the Oval Office. He is the incumbent,...

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