Burning Nike: Donate Instead

In early September, Nike released an ad with Colin Kaepernick that read, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Some people were outraged because of the way Kaepernick led other athletes in kneeling during the national anthem. Some who didn’t agree with the ad burned their Nike gear in protest of the message Nike was sending.

I believe there are more substantial things to say or do rather than burning clothes to protest Nike. For starters, the people who are burning these products have already paid for them out of their own pockets.

There are other ways to voice an opinion that will actually mean something and resonate with other individuals.

“Burning your Nike products, I think, is the most asinine thing you can possibly ever do…you already paid your money for that and now you’re going to destroy it – it doesn’t make any sense,” said United States Navy Reserve Agent Billy Bui.

There are plenty of charities such as the Salvation Army where you can donate these items. The people who are against the Nike ad claim Kaepernick taking a knee is disrespectful to veterans and the United States.

“Give your clothes to homeless veterans who ‘sacrificed everything for their freedoms’ instead of wasting clothes. If they want to boycott Nike they should no longer buy [Nike’s] clothes and shoes,” Oxnard resident Angel Fajardo said.

By donating your clothes, you have the opportunity to give back to our veterans. It is better to take this clothing to a veterans’ homeless shelter, Bui said.

As obvious as this sounds, that is the plain and simple truth. If you do not share the same values as Nike, quit supporting them. But if you want to protest, then protest in a meaningful manner.

Nike sales have actually increased by 31 percent. Nike has had no comment on the videos and pictures of people burning Nike gear, which seems to have been in their favor, considering people now look at them and their message as empowering.

Do something valuable with your time if you want to get the attention of others on topics as divisive as this. There are alternative ways of protesting Nike, such as forming a rally or walking to voice your beliefs.

Alejandra Gonzalez