The Echo

Annual Show ‘CalLuPalooza’ Canceled

May 6, 2019

Student musicians this year lost the chance to perform in the annual CalLuPalooza that started back in 2014. A variety of factors went into the last-minute cancellation, the first being that a music business class that typically...

Bench Dedicated to Borderline Victim, Alum Justin Meek in Kingsmen Park

May 3, 2019

If you sit on the new bench in Kingsmen Park dedicated to late alum Justin Meek, you will be surrounded by all the aspects of California Lutheran University’s campus that he loved. Located next to the tree where Justin used ...

Sodexo Contract Renewed Until 2025

April 29, 2019

Sodexo, California Lutheran University’s food service, has extended their on-campus contract until 2025.  “In order to get the Habit [Burger Grill], we actually agreed to an automatic renewal until May 31, 2025,” said C...

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