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September 21, 2021- The article “‘This space is for them’: New CCEI patio open to students” was updated to correct Francine Aclan’s involvement with ASCLUG. An earlier version incorrectly stated that Aclan was a junior senator.

March 17, 2021 – The weekly newsletter contained a misspelling of Conejo in the headline “Adelante Comunidad Conejo helps support Conejo Valley Latinx Students.”

March 17, 2021 – The article “Annual Drag Show to feature performances and prizes on Zoom” was updated to correct the class standing of Alaina Murphy as a junior. The article incorrectly stated that Alaina was a freshman.

March 3, 2021 – The article “New remote learning feedback form” was updated to correct who was responsible for creating the feedback form. A previous version incorrectly stated that Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Jessica Lavariega Monforti was responsible.

October 17, 2020 – The article “Spring break 2021 canceled in aim to reduce COVID-19 transmission” was updated to correct the spelling of Kohnke.

October 15, 2020- The article “New Title IX Coordinator is ‘amazing'” was updated to reflect that Deputy Title IX Coordinator Chris Paul did not decline to comment, but said she wasn’t involved in the Title IX Coordinator hiring process and did not have anything to comment on.

October 5, 2020 – The article “Implicit Bias Training creates ‘more equitable search results'” was updated to reflect that Jessica Lavariega Monforti’s last name includes both names. An earlier version of the article referred to Lavariega Monforti as Monforti.

October 1, 2020 – The article “IES students complete fieldwork on Zoom” was updated to represent that Gabrielle Espinosa experienced interruptions to her IES coursework in the spring and is now earning fieldwork hours through facilitating remote learning for children that she nannies. A previous version stated that Espinosa was watching the Teaching Channel as a substitute for fieldwork in the spring and is currently teaching courses via Zoom.

September 30, 2020 – The weekly newsletter included the incorrect lede beneath the article “20% revenue shortfall due to COVID-19 will lead to more furloughs and layoffs.” The correct lede is “the entire California Lutheran University cabinet is working six days a week to address university budget shortfalls, President Lori Varlotta announced during the Sept. 23 Operational Update webinar.”

September 24, 2020 – The article “More money, new coordinator for CCEI” was updated to reflect that the additional money allocated to the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion was not related to the ability to hire a new coordinator, the position was vacant. An earlier version of this article stated that the additional funding was in part used for the new coordinator.

September 18, 2020 – The article “BIPOC faculty and staff ask Cal Lutheran leaders for equity” was updated to correct the spelling of Gonzales and to reflect that Paloma Vargas said the events in the spring semester were the tipping point for faculty to speak out. A previous version of this article stated that students led the way for faculty to speak out.

December 16, 2019 – The article “‘Bow’ Down to the Violonist” was updated as Yoshika Masuda is an assistant professor of music, not an adjunct faculty member.

November 19, 2019- The article “Another School Shooting; Now Our Generation is Joining the Fight for Gun Control” was updated to reflect that the Saugus High victim had been shot once in the shoulder and the second shot was in her side, not her leg.

November 13, 2019- The article “Staff Editorial: Why The Echo Continues to Cover Borderline” was updated on Nov. 13 following response from Grennan. The phrasing of Grennan’s comments to our reporter at Boots in the Park has been changed from “and told her she could not proceed with coverage” to “and told her that she had requested The Echo not cover the event.”

October 27, 2019 – The article “Mentor named Mortenson” Ida O’Donoghue is not a resident at University Village.

September 18, 2019: The article “University Inaugurates Retreats for LGBTQ, Self-identifying Students of Color” was updated to correct a misspelling of Francine Aclan’s last name in one instance.

September 18, 2019: The article “The Habit Grill is Coming Soon, But We Have to Pay” was updated to address erroneous information regarding Sodexo’s rating from the health department. The source claiming that Sodexo received an F rating from the health department was not referring to its health department rating, but to the quality of its food as reviewed by ‘Is it bad for’ While food services on the Cal Lutheran campus operated by Sodexo have been cited for health code violations by inspectors in the Ventura County Food Protection Program, the information as originally presented was incorrect and improperly attributed and thus has been removed.

September 17, 2019: The article “ASCLU Kicks off New Year with Senate Elections and Constitutional Changes” was updated to reflect that Senate elections will occur on Thursday, September 19, not on Wednesday, September 18. The Echo regrets the error.

May 10, 2019: The article “Student Shows Capstone Art, Multimedia” was updated to correct a quote misattributed to Hallie Maxwell. The quote was said by Johannah Peterson. Additionally, quotes from Donaldo Lopez were updated to reflect the exact transcription from the interview.

April 30, 2019: The article “Cal Lu Alum Shares Unique Flavors at Urbane Cafe” was updated to reflect that Mac Comeau should have been referred to as “she.”

March 20, 2019: The article “Makin’ Movie Moves: New Film, TV Major Premieres Fall 2019” was updated to reflect that the multimedia program is also contributing to the interdisciplinary film major.

March 11, 2019: The article “NFL draft prospects train at Cal Lutheran for 2019 NFL Scouting Combine” was edited to correct the misspelling of Cal Lutheran alumnus Kayden Clements’ first name.

Feb. 21 2019: The article “Totally Wicked: Partying for a Cause” was updated to reflect that Sisters’ Circle is not a part of Black Student Union, that it is a support group rather than a campus club, and that the group did not draw inspiration from other specific benefit parties when choosing a theme.

Feb. 5, 2019: The article Gun Violence Forum Shows All Talk, No Action was updated to show the correct forum date, Feb. 3.

Oct. 15, 2018: The article “Senior Senate seat still vacant” was updated to correct the misspelling of senior Kyrra Nielson’s last name.

Sept. 24, 2018: The article “ASCLUG candidates disqualified” was updated to reflect that the decision to disqualify was made by the elections committee, and not the ASCLU Senate.

Sept. 18, 2018: The article “Kingsmen defeat Lutes in season opener” was missing the full name of senior Kayden Clements.

March 20, 2018: The article “CLU’s new 2018-2019 Senate director elected” was removed from the website because of falsified information.

March 12, 2018: In the Issue 14 article “Balancing the roles of student and single mother,” the name Tanvi Patel was misspelled.

March 12, 2018: In the article “Growing need for mental health help in universities” Elisabeth Turner’s name was misspelled; CAPS also have two full-time clinicians, a post-doctoral resident, a part-time clinician, and temporary part-time clinician, not four full-time clinicians.

March 5, 2018: Anna Schlosser featured in the article “Track and field captain ready to lead” from Issue 14 no longer competes as a heptathlete due to a torn labrum. She currently competes in three track and field events: the high jump, relays and 400-meter.

Feb. 27, 2018: The photo on “Multitalented sophomore pursues all her interests” was incorrectly credited. It was taken by Saoud Albuainain.

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