Community Service Center: Giving Blood Is Giving Back

“I am a benefactor of someone giving blood, so I know it’s a lifesaver. Blood transfusion saves lives,” California Lutheran University senior Fawna Wright said.

Wright was once on the other end of the blood donation cycle, as she was battling cancer at the time and was told she needed a blood transfusion.

On Oct. 16, the Student Life and Community Service Center hosted the biannual blood drive in Ullman 101.

Blood drive student host Mercedes Winkelmann said the Community Service Center puts on one blood drive every semester.

“We decided to do it for homecoming this year to start off with some community service. We’re also trying to send some information [out] about the LGBT community because their regulations for donating blood are a little different. We are here to answer some of those questions and show how people can help,” Winkelmann said.

Senior Brandon Fullner said he would happily donate his own blood because he “doesn’t want to imagine a person having the problem of needing blood and not having any available.”

The Community Service Center worked with nonprofit transfusion medicine organization Vitalant to inspire students to give blood, produce a ready blood supply and help advance cutting-edge research.

According to the Vitalant website, the nonprofit organization is one of the oldest and largest in the country, and it “provides blood and special services to patients in more than 1,000 hospitals across 40 states.”

“[Blood donation] is especially important for disaster relief where people are being injured and need the blood,” Wright said.

The homecoming spirit continues through the week in Kingsmen Park with Picnic in the Park Oct. 19 from 4-6 p.m. and the seventh annual Loop da Lu 5K Walk/Run Oct. 20 from 9-11 a.m.

Christian Ahn