Spooks, Scares and Screams: Annual Student Union Haunted House

Two California Lutheran University juniors, five haunted hallways, eight horror actors and one Student Union brought the spirit of Halloween to campus Oct. 23 at the annual “Nightmare on Olsen Street” Haunted House.

Juniors Anya Moody and Sierra Scali work at the Student Union and coordinated the event. They said it was intended for students who love going to haunted houses since there aren’t many Halloween-themed events on campus.

The Kingsmen Room was transformed into a series of five hallways, each dedicated to a different aspect of Halloween. Scali said she and Moody planned to incorporate different hallway themes because “it will be different than last year’s [haunted house]” and “spice [things] up.”

“I envisioned [the layout] and it was kind of tough figuring out what to put in each hallway, but I looked at pictures online for inspiration and different houses that I’ve been to that have different themes in their hallways,” Scali said.

Moody said that even though the decorations for the haunted house look small by themselves, the end result is a room that looks bigger than it actually is.

Scali said eight students volunteered to be “scare actors” in the haunted house.

“We let one group in at a time, so they can go through the hallway—It usually takes people a minute or two. It’s scary, but not like the scares at Universal Studios’ [Halloween] Horror Nights,” Scali said.

The scare actors were in full costumes and had their makeup done by Scali and Moody. Scali said she reached out to the theater department on campus for assistance with the actors’ makeup, but did not receive a response.

By James Alfaro