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    Knights Ice Hockey Looks to Finish Off Successful Season

    The California Lutheran University Knights ice hockey team is halfway through its season with much excitement for fans.

    With the semester drawing to a close, Knights hockey will continue to practice and compete throughout winter break. Based out of the Simi Valley Iceoplex, the Knights look to complete the second half of another successful season of hockey.

    On some weekends, fans have the opportunity to pile into the bleachers, huddle together under the space heaters while sipping on hot chocolate for warmth as they cheer on their fellow classmates and friends in the cold.

    With boards crashing and horns blowing after goals, a lot can be said about the amount of action that takes place at a hockey game.

    โ€œCal Lutheran students should be coming out to games because hockey is an exciting sport. Itโ€™s fast-paced, itโ€™s very fun and is a good environment. Itโ€™s a physical game and everyone is riled up,โ€ said first-year goalie Jordan Eisenmann.

    With a young season still underway, the Knights had their biggest win on Nov. 10 against California State University, Bakersfield following the Borderline shooting, when it seemed to be more than just a game.

    During the next game, the Knights took a loss to Loyola Marymount University as they fell to a 1-1 home record.

    Though they have had a slow start to the season, the Knights are not letting that bring them down. Energy is something the team consistently has game in and game out, no matter the outcome.

    โ€œA lot of the players are just excited to be out here and playing hockey,โ€ said Eisenmann.

    With the season still underway, the Knights have many games to be proud of, but also have areas they need to work on.

    โ€œFor the next half of the season, we are looking to get some more team plays together and working on our power play penalty kill,โ€ said Eisenmann.

    The Knights take on CSU Bakersfield on Dec. 12 away in the pairโ€™s third match against each other of the season. With the rival teams tied at one win each, the game will give the teams a chance to claim the series victory.

    โ€œWeโ€™ve been getting better after every practice and game and we just like to put on a good show,โ€ said first-year foward Keith Walker.

    In the next home game, the Knights will face the University of California, Davis on Jan. 19 at the Iceoplex.

    More details about games and events can be found on the Knightsโ€™ Instagram @cluhockey or website

    Joe Zimmerly