Letters to the Editor: ASCLUG Presidential Candidate Stephanie Figueroa

First off, I want students to know that I’m not running for the title of president or for the stipend. I have grown up with ASCLUG since my freshman year and I am running because I want to see it succeed.

My main goals are to humanize the organization and create a culture of care. One way is to create more open communication between the students, Executive Cabinet, Senate and Program’s Board. I believe everyone should be informed in a timely manner and should know who to go to when a problem arises.

Can you name your representatives? If you can’t, then we need to start being out there more. Did you know we are an Hispanic Serving Institution and how that benefits you? We need to start talking about that more.

Furthermore, I understand that attending meetings can be intimidating. I personally have taken the initiative to introduce myself and talk to students to not only help relieve that anxiety, but also serve as an available resource to them. Additionally, it would be great to see more collaborations with offices, clubs and ASCLUG.

A bigger budget often leads to successful events and thus, happier students. Lastly, improving our marketing strategy can help us get the word out about our events and senate projects, which goes back to creating that environment of open communication.

You might be thinking, ‘why do these issues matter to me?’ Shouldn’t ASCLUG be focused on advocating for more parking on campus? How about fairer meal plans? And then more residence halls? Of course we should! But we can’t do these things if ASCLUG is disconnected within itself and its students.

We need to start taking feedback and incorporating new initiatives in the organization. Only then, will you start seeing more changes on campus.

Stephanie Figueroa
ASCLU Junior Senator