Regals Basketball Meets Youtube star David Dobrik at His House


Jaclyn Holtz, Reporter

The Regals basketball team met Youtube star David Dobrik before their game against California Institute of Technology.

“He was very friendly and super smiley. He high-fived us and let us take a picture with him which was cool,” sophomore guard Kylie McEnroe said.

The Regals  had their traditional pre-game team dinner at first-year guard Alexis Rodriguez’ house, but little did the team know, her neighbor was a Youtube personality.

Dobrik talked to the Regals about their upcoming game, and was even hoping to play four-on-four with some of his friends against the Regals.

Dobrik was exactly what the Regals expected according to Regals junior guard Jade Jordan and sophomore guard Haley Tyrell.

“After meeting him, he has the same personality you see through social media, he was really kind and easy going,” Tyrell said. “He was honestly one of the sweetest people ever, being able to see that in person, and he doesn’t just put on that facade.”

Dobrik has created vlogs on Youtube since 2014, shortly after the start of his career on the social media platform Vine when he was 17 years old. His Vines were comedy-focused and helped launch his success.

Dobrik is often known as the leader of “The Vlog Squad,” a large group of Youtube creators that collaborate in comedic videos.  Some of the most notable members are Liza Koshy, Josh Peck, Jason Nash and Matt King. Each member of the squad has their own channel with millions of subscribers.

Dobrik himself has one of the most viewed channels on Youtube, with over 15 million subscribers.

Dobrik’s videos revolve around him and his friends doing science experiments, pranks and giving generous gifts to both his friends and strangers.

“Even the girls on the team who didn’t know who he was were still able to have a good experience because he was such a nice guy,” Jordan said. 

Although Dobrik began on Vine, he now has a podcast with his friend Jason Nash in 2017 called Views and was a voice actor in the new film “The Angry Birds Movie 2.”

“I think it’s crazy how you can start with nothing… you can turn something as simple as that and turn it into such a big thing,” Jordan said.