Cal Lutheran Should Allow Alcohol in Campus Dorms for Residents Over 21

James Alfaro, Reporter

Wouldn’t it be nice to drink some wine in your dorm where you feel safe and comfortable without getting in trouble, if you are 21 and over?

That sounds great to me, but unfortunately at California Lutheran University “campus policies which are primarily enforced by Residence Life and Campus Safety prohibit the consumption, possession, sale, distribution or furnishing of alcoholic beverage on campus,” according to Campus Safety’s Alcoholic Beverage Policy. 

I think Cal Lutheran should allow its undergraduate residents to drink alcohol without getting written up or suffering any consequences from resident assistants and Residence Life. 

I also think that if students of legal drinking age were to drink on campus, there would be less off-campus drinking and less risks, like students driving back to campus under the influence. 

“I think that if you’re 21 and over, Cal Lutheran should designate a specific hall for those students that are 21 and over,” junior Faith Malone said. “They should also implement RA’s that are around the same age.”

Senior Cameron Love said the allowance of alcohol on campus will prevent problems on campus since dorms would be a safe space where newly-legal students can learn to drink responsibly.

“If people are being inappropriate or irresponsible, then there should be some regulation on that, but besides that, I do think that drinking should be allowed on campus for students that are 21 or older,” Love said.

Love said since faculty members are allowed to drink at social events on campus, the same allowance should be applied to students who are 21 or older on campus. 

According to Times Magazine’s article, “Why Banning Hard Alcohol on College Campuses May Not Be the Answer,” universities restricting and limiting alcohol consumption on campus can possibly “drive drinking further underground” because “it’s possible students will respond to a liquor ban by drinking other alcoholic beverages and frequenting off-campus bars and parties instead.” 

If Cal Lutheran were to allow alcohol consumption for residential students who are 21 and over, then students wouldn’t need to travel for alcohol and then possibly drive intoxicated, putting themselves and others in danger.