Not your average nightclub: CLU alums open artist-centric venue

Ariana Salinas, Reporter

There’s a new nightlife venue making its debut in Newbury Park: The Vail, an establishment that hosts monthly events for those interested in showcasing their talents in the arts.

“The heart of it is, we wanted to create something right here for the people who… are tapped into the artistic community,” California Lutheran University alumnus Jeremiah Gray said. “If you’ve debuted a new album or if you’ve done a new art collection, you know you have a place.”

At The Vail, co-owners, Cal Lutheran alumni Gray and Aaron Roth are building a vision of making the arts a social event. The Vail’s  events bring in local artists, whether that be musicians, dancers, painters or sculptors, to showcase their talents while the audience is able to interact and network with others that have similar artistic interests.

“The idea is to provide an artist-centric experience that focuses specifically on an artist, whether it’s a musician or a painter or a sculptor, and to provide them with a platform from which to basically market themselves and provide that experience with everyone who would be interested,” Roth said.

Roth and Gray were inspired to create this establishment in response to the lack representation of music and the arts in Ventura County, and wanted to give artists a “one hundred percent free marketing opportunity” that other venues and companies do not offer.

“I am a musician, I graduated Cal Lutheran with a degree in music production, so playing shows is quite challenging when you actually have to pay money to use the venue or the venue is far away from Ventura County,” Gray said.

The Vail is also meant to attract a different type of crowd than the typical bar or club scene.

“We’re looking for people who want to have a conversation and want to be responsible and respectful of others and are open to new experiences and actually making connections,” Roth said.

The Vail hosted live performances from local bands Spectre Jones, Lancer Roscoe and Robby Browne during their first event, Feb. 29 in honor of the leap day. It was a soft-opening, and 143 people attended.

The @__vail__ Instagram page is  up and running and  lists details of past and upcoming events for those interested in attending. The next will be held on March 28 and doors  will be open from 7:30- 8 p.m. 

The Vail is located at 2490 Turquoise Cir, Newbury Park.