Op-Ed: Meet Millennia Gamez, candidate for Freshman Senate


Contributed: Millennia Gamez

Millennia Gamez is a freshman running for senate. She is originally from Simi Valley and believes community involvement is important to the success of a university.

Millennia Gamez

Editors note: This is an Op-Ed submission. The Echo does not provide any political endorsements. All students at California Lutheran University are invited to submit Op-Eds.

My name is Millennia Gamez and I am a freshman at California Lutheran University. I am running for Freshman Senate and I am excited for what is to come.

I would like to tell you a little bit about me.

I graduated from Royal High School in Simi Valley as a valedictorian and an International Baccalaureate Diploma Recipient. I have always been involved in my school and community through clubs, volunteering and church.

At my high school I was a member of class council and learned about the responsibilities that a leadership position entails.

Furthermore, I have experience with event planning in my school, community and church.

Throughout high school I balanced school, work, clubs, sports and other obligations. I know how to stay organized and work hard.

I understand that things do not always go as planned, and I am prepared to embrace challenges and work toward solutions. Life can be very trying and difficult at times–2020 has made that known, but no matter what trials we may face, we will persevere together.

The idea of community is something that I value greatly. We are all called to serve one another. By building a strong community we can build a strong campus.

Just like High School Musical, “we’re all in this together” as we continue to work towards our bright future. In order to create a stronger community we need to become more involved.

I believe that community involvement is extremely important and contributes to every student’s success.

I have always been involved in my school and community and I feel that it has served me well. Through community involvement, I have learned to listen to other perspectives in order to come to a consensus and develop a beneficial plan for all stakeholders.

Every person has a story to tell and each story is significant, which is why inclusivity is also very important to me. As a member of senate, I will work to make sure that each student feels welcomed at all Cal Lutheran events.

Finally, I understand the responsibility that a position such as Freshman Senator entails. I will serve the student body well by being dependable and responsible. I will work hard to do the best job possible. No matter how difficult or dull the task, I will always put in the hard work and effort to get it done.

That is why I ask for your support in this upcoming Associated Students California Lutheran University Government election.

Your involvement in voting is crucial to the success of the school and to your own success.

Don’t forget to vote for Millennia Gamez for Freshman Senate on Monday September 14, 2020.

Thank you! Go Kingsmen and Regals!