Kingsmen Baseball Coaches look to World Series for hope


Gabby Flores

The Kingsmen Baseball team looks forward to applying strategic plays from Los Angeles Dodgers v. Tampa Bay Rays World Series games to Spring 2021 season.

Ariana Salinas, Reporter

On Oct. 11 the Los Angeles Lakers brought home their seventeenth championship after a rollercoaster of a season.

And now, just two weeks later, the Los Angeles Dodgers are making their fourth appearance in the World Series, with the possibility of bringing another championship to Los Angeles.

Back in early March, it was unknown if a MLB season was even going to be held due to the safety and health concerns of COVID-19. Similarly, California Lutheran University’s baseball season is up in the air.

In an email interview, Assistant Coach of the Kingsmen Baseball team, Eduardo Villegas said he believes the MLB has “done a great job on handling COVID-19” despite the rough stretch of weeks at the beginning with players and other team members testing positive for the virus.

“As a small college program, it would be difficult in my opinion to follow the same protocols that professionals follow but with a responsible attitude combined with unselfish behavior and empowering athletes with the right information, I believe there can be a way to achieve a season,” Villegas said.

In addition, the pandemic has complicated the ability of teams to hold games with fans in attendance.

At the Globe Life Field stadium in Arlington, Texas they are allowing limited fan attendance, but a majority of Dodger fans reside in Los Angeles, making it not possible for them to attend any of the World Series games.

In an attempt to make this series feel as normal as possible for their fans, the Dodgers are offering fans the opportunity to go to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and watch the games from outside the stadium on a big screen like a drive-in movie.

Assistant Coach Erik Scherer of the Kingsmen Baseball team said that this is a “great opportunity for fans to connect” with the team and game. 

Scherer said that although Cal Lutheran may not have the same resources to hold drive-in watching parties for the potential upcoming baseball season, it has a “strong history of bleacher creatures” who watch from outside of the outfield fences that may provide an opportunity for students, friends and family to watch games, come spring 2021.

Both Villegas and Scherer said they have watched a majority, if not all of the Dodgers games this season and are avid fans of the team and sport. Both assistant coaches said they have been able to take away things from the Dodgers’ season that can be applied to Cal Lutheran’s upcoming season.

“The [analytical] side of the game has really taken over at the professional level, [and while Cal Lutheran may not have all those resources] we can still apply some of these tactics at our level,” Scherer said.

Scherer said that he has been impressed with the passion and intensity shown by the MLB players, because it shows just how much they love the game.

This “translates perfectly to [Cal Lutheran’s] level [since Cal Lutheran’s] student-athletes don’t play in front of crowds” Scherer said, while still giving all of their effort at all times.

The Los Angeles Dodgers currently lead the Tampa Bay Rays three games to two after their win on Sunday night.

The next game will be at 5:08 p.m. on Fox Sports, Tuesday, Oct. 27.