ASCLUG allocates funding for clubs and events


Photo by Anna Norwalt

On March 21, 2022 ASCLUG had their weekly meeting in which they discussed upcoming events on campus and a better way to make campus accessible to people with disabilities.

Anna Norwalt, Reporter

On March 21, 2022 Associated Students California Lutheran University Government (ASCLUG) Senate held a meeting to discuss allocating funds to clubs like Cal Lu Palooza, the attendance of a America’s Got Talent show and discussed how the campus can better serve people with disabilities.

The meeting started off with various clubs talking about funding. Senior Melissa Dennin, wanted to share how funding could help the disabled.

Dennin has a family member with Down syndrome and has seen her family help in the Special Olympics in Connecticut. She helped at volunteer events to support and interact in the community.  

“I have been working within the disability community for a very long time. It’s been a big passion of mine you could say,” Dennin said.

Dennin gave a full list of ideas to the senate board members to help spread awareness of ways that the campus and events could be more inclusive. She said her ideas for campus included  new ramps, thoughts on events held on grass, which is not easily accessible to those in a wheelchair, amongst other things.

“My freshman year I always knew I wanted to do something that would benefit the community while also raising awareness cause there’s a lot of stigmatisms around it and just lack of education. I wanted to break down the barrier and really show that when we all come together our society is better and they’re people just like us who have needs,” Dennin said.

She gave a printed copy of the list containing all the ideas to each senator for them to look over.

One of the other things discussed was an email from America’s Got Talent. According to ASCLUG President Josh Gatison, the company emailed him about potentially having Cal Lutheran students as audience members.

“We’re searching for quality people to be a part of this studio audience. In exchange, we will make a donation to your organization. It’s easy, fun and very profitable,” America’s Got Talent said in their email.

At the time of the meeting, ASCLUG had not yet decided on an organization for AGT to donate to but wanted to address the email nonetheless.

“If people are interested, I would have them shoot me an email. I recently reached out to the people in the company and they said they’re looking for audience members, and the more people that show up the more money they can raise potentially for a charity or a cause,” Gatison said.

A group would earn $20 per person with a minimum of 20 people in the group to be qualified. In the email from AGT, said the minimum that can be earned is $400 and the more people that come, the more an organization can make, with potential to make over $2000.

“If any student is interested in this, definitely reach out and I’ll send you the information and then they can test their luck, and hopefully they get a chance to be in the audience,” Gatison said.

AGT said it would be approximately a four-hour commitment and those attending will need proof of vaccination to enter.

The final topic of discussion at the meeting was Cal Lu Palooza, one of the longest events held by the school. The event will be held on April 22, and will feature food trucks, student performers, a rock wall, local small business vendors and much more.

“So, we’re really looking forward to this event. As far as I know, it’s CLU’s longest event that we’ve, as ASCLUG, has ever put on. It’s running from 2 to 10 p.m. I believe,” Gatison said.

This event is also one of the most expensive events held on campus.

“So, it’s a pretty expensive event, around $35,000 I would say for this entire event,” Senate Director David Bryant said.

This will be the biggest Cal Lu Palooza since the start of the pandemic.

“We’ve allocated lots of funding towards it to support students and clubs. Just make it a really good community event for everybody and those who attend,” Gatison said.