Kingsmen conquer Claremont Mudd-Scripps with a final score of 10-1


Photo by Ysabella Gonzalez - Reporter

Kingsmen first baseman is looking to strand the runner on first.

Ysabella Gonzalez, Reporter

On Friday, April 22 the California Lutheran University Kingsmen baseball defeated Claremont-Mudd-Scripps in their first conference game with a final score of 10-1. 

Head Coach Marty Slimak said this game was extremely important. 

“It’s the first game of the three game series so the first game, the Friday game, is very very important because we’ve already taken care of what we needed to do right from the start. It’s always really important to get the first game,” Slimak said.

The game had started with no scores from either side, before the Kingsmen were able to score two runs in the second inning. The first two runs were scored by senior outfielder Sean Blandino, who had hit a home run.

“I was honestly just trying to put a good barrel on the ball and swing at the right pitch, and do something for my team, provide,” Blandino said.

The Kingsmen scored one more run in the fourth inning. Sophomore catcher Brendan Durfee said that the team had to stay focused in the fourth inning.

“It was an exciting game. We got really relaxed, towards the fourth inning we had to stay locked in, but we managed to stay locked in and still have fun,” Durfee said. 

In the sixth inning Claremont-Mudd-Scripps scored a run, but the Kingsmen quickly turned the game around in the seventh inning as they scored four runs. 

“It was a very close game until the seventh inning, for seven innings it was only 3-1… so it really was a close game and we finally got into their bullpen, and when we finally got into their bullpen we were able to open them up and that was the difference,” Slimak said.

In the eighth inning the Kingsmen ended up scoring three more runs, bringing them to a lead of 10-1. They held the lead and finished the game with that score. 

“It was a good team win, we were just trying to put good barrels on balls in the beginning, just trying to get the pitcher out, the starting pitcher, and get to the bullpen,” Blandino said

While the Kingsmen rode the high in the beginning of the three game series with a win, Slimak was trying to help keep a more positive and grounded perspective. 

“We have to win the series and if we don’t get the first game then you got to win two in a row down on somebody else’s field. It’s nice to win when you have a home field advantage and when you’re here, it’s really important that you take care of business on your home territory,” Slimak said.

Durfee had echoed the sentiment about their conference games, being mindful that this game would establish the mood for how the games would go for the Kingsmen.

“We always talk about how the first game sets the tone for the entire series and coming out with a win for the first game is going to set the tone for tomorrow, and we gotta keep it rolling,” Durfee said.

The Kingsmen were in high spirits after their first win of the three game series and are hope to keep their streak going, both in conference games and for postseason games.

“I think our team has finally found their stride and we just keep it going, keep the intensity, the dugout, the bullpen, our starting pitching, the hitting, we’ll be good for the rest of the year,” Blandino said. 

The Kingsmen will continue to play conference games throughout the weekend. Their next home game will be on April 30, against the University of Redlands in another conference game.