LASO hopes for more Latino representation with Caile to the Baile


Photo by Ysabella Gonzalez - Reporter

Students dancing to the live music provided at Caile to the Baile in Memorial Field.

Ysabella Gonzalez , Reporter

On Friday, April 29, California Lutheran University’s Latin American Student Organization hosted Caile to the Baile on Memorial Field, being one of the biggest LASO events of the year. It was intended to be a celebration of the LatinX students, according to Co-Vice President of LASO Wendy Carrillo.

“This is the time for Latin American students to feel represented. I feel like the last event that we had for Latin American students was in September for LatinX Heritage Month, so you know, there’s not a lot of representation,” Carrillo said in a Zoom interview. “So reminding them that this is your event, you come out here and you have fun. Bring out your culture and your dancing and go have fun, it’s your event.”

The event had live music, food and a jumper for students to enjoy. One student that attended the event, LASO member Jacqueline Avalos said she really enjoyed her time there. 

“The food was good! The carnitas, arroz, the sauce, everything, I didn’t get the churros, but besides that the ambiance is perfect, like the people seem like they are having fun, it’s small but fun,” Avalos said. 

Caile to the Baile was not only for the LatinX community but other cultures were also invited to Caile to the Baile. 

“I like how not just Hispanic people are here, but white people, Black people, Asian people, so I like the diversity here,” junior Vanessa Buenrostro said. 

For students, this event was more than just a time to have fun. 

“It’s cool to see how it brings all the Latinos in this school together, in a way, because it is dominant white, but seeing all of us come together it brings more culture to the school,” Avalos said.

This sentiment was echoed by Buenrostro.

“I wanted to support LASO, I’m also a Latina so I know that there’s not a lot of representation here, so I just wanted to come and support,” Buenrostro said. 

LASO Treasurer Estefania Landeros also spoke about the lack of representation at Cal Lutheran.

“I feel like we need to get more people involved, especially into the events because it’s a way to spread awareness into what our culture is, and different types of cultures, especially here,” Landeros said.

In the end the event is meant to show more diversity on campus, as said by Carillo.

“Our past events have not had the turnout that we wanted, so hopefully this event will remind people that we do exist on campus since we did have a little rough, rocky year, and also to let Latin American students know that we are here for them and that this event is for them to come out and enjoy and have fun,” Carrillo said.