Student entrepreneurs flourish at CLU flea market

Ashley Cope, Reporter

Entrepreneurship Club hosted a flea market for California Lutheran University students to have the opportunity to promote their small businesses for free on campus. The event had 18 vendors attend this event with Famous Tacos and Makenna Koffee being offered to those in attendance. 

While Entrepreneurship Club did not partner with any other clubs or organizations this year, last semester the club partnered with Music Production Club, Musicians Club, iCLU Radio and the Associated Students of California Lutheran University where students could sell their goods at Cal Lu Palooza.  

“It was a really good success so we wanted to bring it back and do it on our own and not tie it with ASCLU,” Sharon Sanders, president of Entrepreneurship Club, said. “We just wanted to give students the opportunity to come and sell their stuff and give them a head start to their journey as their own business.” 

One business at the flea market event was Icy G, started by senior Gehssa-Hope Gorospe, who is a content creator and social media manager. 

“What it means to be Icy is to constantly work towards bigger and better goals and I just want others to feel the same way,” Gorospe said. 

Gorospe started Icy G three years ago while at Cal Lutheran. She was selling her hoodies and promoting her brand at the flea market on Thursday, Dec. 1.

“It helps with getting yourself out there and getting more comfortable with meeting others, selling whatever you got, and showing up as your best self,” Gorospe said. 

Another student-run business at the flea market was EGI Studios, a small batch ceramics shop run by senior Emma Johnson.

Emma Johnson said she makes her pieces in the ceramic studio in the William Rolland Art Center.

“I make a bunch of stuff — of things that I really love, specifically little face cups. I call them my Emo Cups, with happy faces, sad faces and different faces, and angry little ones,” Emma Johnson said. 

 Emma Johnson started EGI Studios a year and a half ago, after taking “Ceramics 1” in the summer of 2021, where she fell in love with the medium of ceramics. 

“It’s [the ceramic studio] an amazing facility and I highly recommend everyone takes ceramics because it is a great class,” Emma Johnson said. “It is basically where I spend all my time.”

Emma Johnson said she also sells her pottery on Etsy at EGI Studios and this was her first time participating in an in-person event to sell her products. 

Christmas-themed sweet treats also made an appearance at the flea market, with Sweet Treats TO run by senior Madison Johnson. At the event, Madison Johnson sold caramel corn with melted white and dark chocolate, chocolate covered Oreos and peppermint bark. 

“I do custom orders, chocolate covered strawberries are my main thing but I also do cookies,” Madison Johnson said. 

Madison Johnson has been running her business for a year, utilizing the dorms community kitchens to make her sweet treats. 

Other businesses included Cool Cat Clothing and Kingsmen Shakespeare Company selling clothing; T. Gaulke photography for graduation photos; Flistrup Floral and Tabi and Olivia’s Wares selling flowers; Rathers Rarities selling handcrafted goods and more. 

Some students participating in the flea market also donated parts of proceeds to charities.

“One dollar from everything sold is donated to the National Alliance for Mental Illness,” Jazzy Colbert, owner of Jazzories, said. 

Another student, Hannah Gemeny, sold stickers featuring her art work, with a portion of the proceeds going to an organization that helps fight climate change. 

“I really hope we can do this in the next semesters, maybe once every semester because a lot of people showed interest again and I really think it is important to give students the chance to sell their stuff on campus because it’s safe to do it here and its free,” Sanders said.