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    Athletes who would make great politicians

    After Dennis Rodman shocked the world with his comments after traveling to North Korea and spending time with leader Kim Jong-un, it’s time we take a look at athletes who would make great politicians.

    I’m not new to this discussion. It is an argument that has taken over the DeLorenzo-Boschetti family dinner table many times. With actors such as Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger making their marks in politics, athletes should have a turn.  Here’s my list:

    Floyd Mayweather
    Secretary of the Treasury
    If you know anything about this undefeated boxer, it’s Mayweather is all about the money.  His nickname, verbatim, is “Money.”  Many have categorized him as the best boxer of his generation. has his net worth at $115 million.  As reported by ESPN, Mayweather controls all of his money and is his own financial adviser.  As Secretary of the Treasury, I think Mayweather would get our economy booming.  He takes chances with his money, but he always finds a way to make the money back and keep it flowing.  Our economy needs somebody with this same mentality to take control.

    Ray Lewis
    Secretary of Defense
    I know this heavy-hitting linebacker has been questioned by the public for his legal past and his interesting faith-based interviews. I won’t mention any names, but we have had politicians who live questionable personal lives but still get the job done well.  Say what you want about Lewis, but he will go down as one of the best linebackers ever to play the game of football.

    Lewis has won two Super Bowl rings, has been selected to the Pro Bowl 13 times and has been named the Defensive Player of the Year twice.  Being Secretary of Defense requires you to control the Department of Defense and make decisions for our armed forces.  It sounds very comparable to managing a defense in the sport of football.  With the help of fellow Baltimore Ravens, Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs as a part of Lewis’ team, our Department of Defense would be in good hands.

    Tom Brady
    Secretary of State
    The United States Secretary of State can be seen as the equivalent of a foreign minister.  This job requires being a pivotal participant in negotiations with other countries.  It needs to be somebody who can represent our country well. Brady, the New England Patriots’ quarterback, would be a perfect fit for this.

    He’s the all-American quarterback, which makes him a great face and representation of America. Dealing with NFL wide receivers has to be just as difficult as making negotiations with foreign countries.  He also has experience with other cultures, with his wife being from Brazil.  Our foreign policy would be on point with Brady in office.

    Michael Jordan
    Who better to have running the country than MJ?  For starters, the NBA website states that Jordan is the best basketball player of all time.  He won six NBA Championships, and was the league’s Most Valuable Player five times.  He also kept a great team around him, which is why teammate and Hall-of-Famer Scottie Pippen would be his vice president.  Jordan’s team was also very diverse, with role players such as Rodman.  He always found ways to bring his teammates together and make things happen. I believe Jordan could find ways to help Democrats and Republicans agree on issues a lot better than they do today.

    What separates him from the competition is the empire he’s built with his brand of Air Jordan. His “Airness” not only changed the game of basketball, but he’s changed the shoe game as well. CNBC reported that Jordan brings in over $1 billion a year, as of 2009. It’s safe to say the guy knows how to win in sports, business and life.  In America, we love to win in everything we do, especially politics. Jordan has the right credentials for the job, plain and simple. Jordan/Pippen 2016.  America.


    Nick DeLorenzo
    Staff Writer
    Published March 13, 2013

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